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Vortex Optics SPARC Red Dot Sight Gen I – 2 MOA Dot (SPC-AR1) Review

Red dots have been proven to be the fastest aiming reticle and provide you with accuracy that is out of this world. But getting your hands on one accurate and precise red dot is not easy; we have selected Vortex SPARC AR for a thorough review so that you can explore the features it has to offer. This Vortex SPARC AR review is going to help you a lot in your hunt for the best and fastest red dot on the market.

Red dots are an effective and precise type of non-magnifying reflector sights for firearms and devices that require accurate aiming and fast results. They provide the greatest hit probability even on the moving targets and they do not get magnified or need a magnifier, therefore, they give unlimited field view and you need not worry about the parallax or eye relief. Red dots are easy to mount and the features are easy to access. Red dots do not disappoint even when the light conditions are uncooperative.

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The SPARC AR red dot sight is the solution to all of your aiming and targeting vortex sparc 2 problems. The features that it offers are phenomenal and to the point. It is a simple yet fast and effective kind of gadget made with sturdy material. It is effective in hunting, tactical shooting, and fit for aiming the target. It can be used with duty rifles, for recreation, and for home defence as well. In short, it is built to handle all of your red dot needs. The 2 MOA dot diameter is handy when it comes to enhancing the precision point of the target.

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Key Features of Vortex Optics SPARC Red Dot Sight Gen I – 2 MOA Dot (SPC-AR1) Review:

Mounting Options: 

To get effective and clean results the red dot sight should be mounted properly. It is not that difficult if you follow the simple guidelines given with the product.

Vortex SPARC AR red dot sight can be mounted at two different heights; 1/3 co-witness and absolute co-witness. For mounting it at lower 1/3 it should be mounted just as it is. Then the optic centre will be 40mm above the base surface. While for mounting it at absolute co-witness you have to remove the 3mm base shim and the optic centre then will be at 37mm above the base surface.

The SPARC AR red dot sight can be mounted on Picatinny or Weaver rail/base firearms. It should be mounted with full focus and precision.

First, you have to attach it and adjust it via control buttons facing the shooters and make sure that it fits tightly to prevent recoil injuries. Hook the clamps properly and tighten them using a hex wrench that comes with the package.

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Vortex Sparc Battery Life and Battery-Saving Features:

SPARC AR red dot sight operates using an AAA battery that offers up to 300 hours of power when used at maximum brightness and over 5000 hours are offered when used at low brightness. It can illuminate up to 12 hours straight or more. These batteries are easy to use and not that expensive so you can get them easily anywhere.

Automatic Reticle Shutoff for Preserving Battery:

SPARC AR automatically shuts off the reticle to preserve the battery when it is not being used for 12 hours straight. There is a smart memory feature in this red dot sight that remembers the last illumination setting that you have set before the power down phase. The battery works pretty well all day long but you can carry a spare one if you want to.

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Windage and Elevation:

The SPARC AR red dot sight includes elevation and windage dials with audible clicks. Each click moves the point-of-impact one MOA (Minute of Angle). 1 MOA closely corresponds to one inch at 100 yards, ½ inch at 50 yards, ¼ inch at 25 yards.

Elevation and windage can be set by removing the dial covers and the dial covers can be loosened or tighten whenever needed. The raised bars on the dial covers are where you adjust with the help of either a screwdriver or a coin. Then the adjustment dial can be turned at indicated directions. Or the directions you wish the bullet’s point-of-view to change.

Lens and Eye-Relief:

The fully multi-coated lens increases light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on air-to-glass surfaces. The lens is made up of high-quality material and it provides a wide field of view and a parallax-free experience. With unlimited eye relief, it makes you aim at the target faster and in a more effective way. It can aim as far as 100 yards accurately. As it is a non-magnifying sight it gives a simple and clean view of the target.

10 Different Brightness Settings:

There are 10 different illumination settings, out of which two are the lowest ones that are compatible with night vision. They can be used in any light condition. You just have to keep both eyes open to get full advantage of your peripheral vision. In this way, you aim at your target better and you are aware of your environment. Eye placement does not matter as long as you can see the red dot and the target you are aiming for.


SPARC AR has been proved to work under harsh weather conditions and it does not disappoint even if you treat it kind of harshly. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that is equipped with rubber armor with a hard-anodized coating. This coating reduces the surface glare from bright sunlight and saves the optics from corrosion and other damage.

Other Essential Features:

The SPARC AR is simple, fast, and effective when it comes to aiming and shooting. It is super durable, compact, and lightweight. The 2 MOA dot diameter enhances your precision point to aim. And its digital rear-facing controls are pretty accessible and quick as they can be viewed from the shooting position.

O-ring sealed construction is waterproof and nitrogen purged, it is shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof as well. Moreover, it is designed to operate even if it is submerged.

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Price vs Features:

Vortex SPARC AR red dot sight comes at a very reasonable price and it offers a whole lot of features that are required for your aiming game. The battery timing is exceptional and handy when you are out there in the wild. The brightness features come with a broad range that helps you in unfavorable light conditions. It is easy to mount and carry. The use is quite easy and simple. And the accuracy that it has to offer is out of this world. So investing a little amount of money in your red dot sights will matter a lot in the future.


  • Super sturdy construction/exterior
  • Does not require a magnifier
  • Exceptionally economical
  • Full of features that will blow your mind


  • Sight rubber casing can block view for left-handed users

Why You Should Choose This Product?

This product right here is all wrapped in one kind of product that includes every key feature that you require in your ARs. The price is super economical as compared to the other products on the market. At this economical price, you get the most of it. The battery is one of the most important features, and it can stay by your side from 300 hours to 1500 hours! Imagine that super extensive battery life and other strong and intuitive features all in one product. Yeah! That’s right; you need to get your hands on this product if you don’t want to let yourself down in any manner when you are out in the field.

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Vortex Optics SPARC Red Dot Sight Gen Ι is the product that people can count on when they are out in the world doing tasks that require super-efficient and accurate gadgets. It is all about timing and accuracy while you are aiming and targeting; that is provided by the SPARC AR generously. Rear-facing controls offer quick access and are viewable from the shooting position and the additional features are broad and phenomenal. Using it and handling it is super easy and convenient. It is the answer to all of your aiming needs and requirements. So you should just buy it already!

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Is the field of view on the SPARC AR magnified?

It works on a non-magnified optic field of view. It is designed to be used with both eyes opened and the field of view is unlimited and depends upon how close the optic is mounted to the eyes of the shooter.

What is the size of the lens?

The objective lens has a diameter of 22 mm.

Should it be used with a magnifier?

Manufacturers do not recommend a magnifier. It works fine without one. Anyhow Vortex makes its magnifier if you need one.

Is 1 MOA red dot better than a 2 MOA one?

The 1 MOA red dots are typical and convenient for many users. 2 MOA red dot can be a bit large-sized and uneasy for some users. Some products have adjustment settings for the red dots too.

Does the red dot appear even in the brightest light conditions?

Yes, it can be seen properly even when you are using it in the broad daylight. It works effectively irrespective of the light conditions.

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