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Bear Pledge Bow Review: Compound Bow

As an avid bowhunter, I’m often asked to share my insights on various gear that can make or break a hunting trip. Today, I’m circling back to the essentials—let’s talk about a bow that’s been making waves in the community for its sheer value and reliability: the Bear Pledge bow.

Now, I stumbled upon this gem quite fortuitously. While browsing online, searching for a wallet-friendly yet competent bow for a new hunter friend, I won the bid for the Bear Pledge on eBay at a meager $130, plus shipping. It was a pretty good deal, considering its retail value of around $388 at Walmart, particularly as I snagged it during a clearance sale for an incredible $199.

Bear Pledge Bow

How to choose a good compound bow for beginners?

As ugly as it may sound, archery is one sport that’s rather intimidating to get into. To avoid getting disappointed later on in your hunt for the perfect shot-to-score ratio and accuracy, here are some tips when making a purchase decision:

A beginner’s arrows should shoot at least 300 feet per second. Anything slower than this will take more effort from you while shooting or drawing back an arrow, which can lead to muscle fatigue quickly, so don’t buy anything over 350 FPS if starting! A fast-moving object usually has better velocity too; such kinds of things as crossbows would be ideal choices.

A bowhunter who is just opting into bow hunting also needs a lightweight compound bow. Go for units that weigh less than 4.25 pounds, as they’ll be easy to hold and aim the arrows without demanding much effort on your part. The Bear Archery Pledge Compound Bow includes everything you need to get started with archery practice. 3-Pin Sight called Mist; Whisker Biscuit (a small notch); Peep Sight (to help place targets).

What Makes the Bear Pledge Stand Out?

The Bear Pledge is the epitome of a beginner’s bow, yet it comes with a slew of features that even seasoned archers can appreciate. Let’s dive into some specifics that caught my eye:

Performance Under Pressure

Dual Cam System: With cams on both ends, the bow offers a smoother and faster shot cycle.

Speed: It boasts the ability to shoot up to 300 feet per second, which is quite telling of its potential on the field.

Draw Weight Range: Adjustable from 4 to 70 pounds, this bow caters to both the young archer growing their strength and the experienced hunter looking for power.

Draw Length Versatility: With a draw length that adjusts from 21 to 31 inches, it’s essentially tailor-made to fit a wide range of users.

Let-Off: Sitting pretty at a respectable 70% gives you the ability to aim without exhaustive effort.

How does the Bear Pledge compound Bow work?

This is another installment of the Bear Pledge blog, and this time we will be talking about the compound bow that the Bear Pledge leaves as a gift for his future partner.

I’ve seen many different iterations of this weapon online, and I’m sure some people have noticed how similar to real-life bows they are. For those who don’t know, a compound bow is a type of bow that uses a system of pulleys to bend the limbs and hold them in place while drawing. In addition, it features a system of cams on the ends, which move as the string moves back and provide additional force at release.

Compound bows have been around for many years now, so I wanted to ensure that my version was as accurate as possible. The Bear Pledge’s bow is based on a Mathews Mission Craze, but I had to increase the size of the cams, and people familiar with the bow might notice that the string also sits at an odd angle.

It is important to note because this is why the limbs will not touch each other even when it’s fully drawn. A real compound bow releases energy by having the string push directly on top without touching any part of the limb.

Let us now analyze how all these parts work together. First, the Bear Pledge draws the bow with his arms, pulling the string via the cam system. Next, it pulls back on the limbs, putting them out of a plane with each other. As it comes closer to release, a second cam creates an opposite rotation, bending the limbs back into place and squaring them up with each other again, thus storing energy for the arrow release.

Craftsmanship and Comfort

Weight: At 3.75 pounds, the Bear Pledge strikes a balance between being lightweight enough for agility and hefty enough for stability.

Brace height: The 7.5-inch brace height aids in forgiving shots, making it ideal for learners.

Axle-to-Axle Length: A comfortable 31.5 inches, good for both treestand and ground blind hunting.

Ready-to-Shoot Package

From the get-go, the Bear Pledge impressed me with its out-of-the-box readiness. Equipped with a quality Trophy Ridge 3.5-pin sight and a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, you’re almost ready to hit the woods immediately.

My Experience with the Bear Pledge

I took the liberty of tweaking the factory settings—the draw length was set at 29 inches, and weight maxed out at 70 pounds. But with a few simple adjustments using the limb bolts (and the advice to never back them out more than four turns), I dialed it down to a more comfortable 27-inch draw length and weight for my frame.

After adding a quiver, stabilizer, and wrist sling, I completed the setup. After the enhancements, the Bear Pledge took on a new persona—one that felt almost custom-made.

Pros & Cons: The Bear Pledge Analyzed

In the spirit of objectivity, let’s distill this review into the clear benefits and potential drawbacks I observed:


  • Value for Money: exceptional features without breaking the bank.
  • Ease of Use: Ideal for beginners with simple adjustments for draw length and weight.
  • Versatility: adaptable to a wide range of users with its broad adjustment settings.
  • Accessories Included: Comes with reliable sights and an arrow rest—less hassle for a first-time archer.


  • Factory Settings: Some beginners may find the factory draw weight settings a bit challenging.
  • Accessories: While it includes key starting accessories, one might need to invest in additional items like a quiver or a more personalized sight.

Deep Dive: Q&A on the Bear Pledge Bow

Can a seasoned hunter also use the Bear Pledge bow?

Absolutely. While it’s positioned as a beginner bow, the customization and solid build make it a viable backup or even a primary option for experienced hunters who appreciate simplicity and efficiency.

Is the bear pledge suitable for both target shooting and hunting?

It is! This bow delivers the versatility and robustness desired for hunting.

How does the Bear Pledge fare in terms of durability?

Bear archery has a reputation for good practice and ion for crafting durable bows. Though time will ultimately tell, my initial assessment is one of positivity regarding its robustness.

What’s the warranty like?

It’s vital to check with the seller regarding the warranty; conditions often vary.

In summing up this Bear Pledge bow review, I’d assert that it’s a tremendous bang-for-the-buck choice for both novices and seasoned archers looking for value. It combines cost-effectiveness and performance without cutting corners on either. Whether you’re just embarking on your bowhunting journey or searching for a reliable secondary bow, the Bear Pledge deserves a hard look. It’s not every day that affordability and quality craft such a compelling narrative together, but when they do, it’s certainly worth the applause.

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