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Bear X Saga 405 Review

Bear X Intense Saga is the fit for purpose. The toughness and accuracy that it provides are astounding. No one can deny the magic it performs in the field. The exterior of the Saga 405 is sturdy and rough and it can be adjusted as per your requirements in seconds.

Aggressive and tough crossbows never let you down. Moreover, the most amazing feature of all is that the Saga 405 offers ambidextrous use; it can be adjusted at the fore-end grip and the rear stocks. So you do not hesitate in using it in any way. The more confidence you will have the better you are going to perform out there!

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Bear x saga 405 crossbow Specs:

Bear X Saga 405 Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package with 4x32 Scope, Quiver, Bolts, Cocking Rope, and Wax
  • Delivers top-of-the-line speed at 405 fps with a draw weight of 210 lbs. at an incredible value
  • Overall weight of 7.5 lbs. and 14” wide cocked and 18” wide uncocked
  • Adjustable fore end grip, ambidextrous safety, and rear adjustable stock
  • Anti-dry fire inhibitor, dual string suppressor system, and picatinny style scope mount rail
  • 4x32 multi cross-hair reticle with functioning eye piece, 4-bolt quiver, sling, three carbon bolts with field points, cocking rope, and rail lube/string lube

Bear X Saga Package Content:

Bear X Saga 405 comes with a full range of necessary items that you will require with the Crossbow. The package includes the amazing crossbow, a 4×32 Multi Cross-Hair Scope, Lever Lock 4-Arrow Quiver, a Picatinny rail, 3 carbon arrows with field points along a sling. A cocking rope, string wax, and rail lube with a scope cloth to keep it all sleek and dust-free. And the most important thing in this package is the instruction manual; you can never be complete without an instruction manual. Long story short it the Saga 405 is a whole package, a hunting-must-haves-package!


Saga 405 is a super functional and adjustable crossbow that you will ever encounter. The fore-grips and the rear stocks can be customized as per your priorities and needs. The ambidextrous feature of the bow is pretty HANDY! Due to that, the crossbow can be held easily and comfortably.

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Length, width, and weight:

The total length of the Saga 405 crossbow is 37.2 inches and when it is not cocked the total width is about 18 inches and when cocked it is 14 inches approximately. Whereas it weighs only about 7.5 pounds.

Dual String Suppressor System:

This aggressive crossbow never fails to amaze you as it covers all the aspects of hunting and being diligent in the field. Hunting is not that simple, it requires the most from your side. A little noise is enough to spook the game, and that is something you will never want to happen while you are hunting. To overcome this fear, the Saga 405 is equipped with a suppressor system to smartly reduce the noise and vibrations that are caused while shooting the crossbow.

Draw weight and Speed:

Bear X Intense Saga 405 comes with a draw weight of approximately 210 pounds and its speed is rated up to 405 feet per second (fps).

That makes it pretty powerful and moderately fast. It works incredibly well in the field and the arrows that are included in the package are 20 inches carbon bolts with a total weight of about 370-grains. The exclusive carbon bolts have a 270-grain shaft and 100-grain field tip.

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Optics and Range:

Bear X Intense Saga 405 is equipped with a 4×32 scope with a multi cross-hair reticle and a functioning eyepiece. Although the scope is not illuminated it produces clear images in favourable weather conditions and does the job perfectly. You can hit the target at up to 100 yards pretty accurately with this speed scope that is a plus point of this crossbow.

The scope and target acquisition are pretty fast and incredibly accurate. Although arrows with different weights give different results. So you should look up for it before administering the arrows.

Trigger and Cocking:

The Bear X Intense Saga405 has a basic trigger with a 4-pound pull. It features an ambidextrous safety switch and the anti-dry fire inhibitor technology that prevents you from shooting the crossbow without the arrow loaded on it. It saves you from a lot of trouble and is a smart crossbow that includes features that helps you the most in the end.

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There is a T-handle cocking rope in the Bear X Intense Saga 405 that reduces almost half of the draw weight. It helps a lot, like a lot while hunting. In addition to that, the crossbow is not compatible with any crank cocking device.

All of the features that these crossbow offers are very thoughtful and only those that are needed the most.


The Intense Saga 405 is not assembled when it gets delivered to your doorsteps. You have to assemble it from the scratch; and right here comes the mighty instruction manual that is going to help you through the assembling phase.

You have to assemble the stuff properly for the crossbow to work. All you need is to read the instruction manual thoroughly and then get started. The scope should be adjusted and mounted properly and zeroed in before use. And all of the other important and sensitive mountings will be there in the instruction manual. It will hardly take 5 to 10 minutes to assemble this beauty! Trust in yourself and the instruction manual of course.


  • Accurate and fast
  • Can be adjusted easily
  • Comes with a full package
  • Includes anti-dry fire inhibitors


  • No winch options

Why you should pick this product?

The Bear X Intense Saga 405 Crossbow comes with the finest quality accessories that are needed by every hunter out there. The aggressive and thoughtful crossbow that the Intense Saga 405 is, gives you the confidence and sight to a new and clear world. The weight draw and speed are relevant and can fluctuate with the bolt/arrow that you use with it. You just need to assemble it properly to get the best results. Everything else will be done by this amazing crossbow. You should go for it if you are a newbie or even a professional! All the features that it offers are badly needed for efficient hunting.

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There is not a single hunter who has never thought of getting their hands on a crossbow with a full package of accessories at this price. The super sturdy look and the features that it offers are way too astounding that words cannot even do justice. Even if you are a beginner in the field of hunting, this crossbow is the perfect thing to start with. It includes all the safety features that are required at first. The anti-dry fire inhibitor is the key feature when the hunters are amateur and newbies. The ambidextrous switch is another thing that makes it the best crossbow so far. Packed with incredible features and backed by a 2-year limited warranty, the BearX package brings thrilling power to beginners! Shoot up to 400 yards without any need for sight adjustment thanks to its adjustable fore-end grip, ambidextrous safety, and a rear adjustable stock. The 4×32 multi cross-hair reticle with a functioning eyepiece is perfect for budding hunters of the small game who want precision accuracy at a range that’s also great for bunnies or other rodents. Its draw weight is 210 lbs., which will send your arrow rocketing up to 405 feet per second! With a sling, three carbon bolts with field points, cocking rope and rail lube/string lube included in this package deal from BearX.

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FAQs of Bear X Saga 405 Review

Can we put a sling on it?

As the sling studs are installed on it therefore you can easily put a sling on it.

Is the scope illuminated?

The scope is not illuminated but it works pretty conveniently anyway.

Which arrow should I buy with this crossbow?

Bear sells the crossbow bolts in a pack of 6 bolts. Any crossbow bolt/arrow can be used with a half-moon nock that is at least 20” long.

What size bolts/arrows can be used with the Bear X Saga 405?

20” bolts can be used along with the Bear X Saga 405, which is included in the package.

Is it ambidextrous?

Yes, it is ambidextrous and super convenient to use no matter which hand you prefer for using it.

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