Top 7 Best Rangefinders for Hunting in 2023

A rangefinder is one of the most crucial gadgets for a hunter to locate and aim. You can find hundreds of options and a brand selling the rangefinders yet a little hard work is necessary to get your hands on the best rangefinders for hunting. Choosing the right one is an important task for every professional hunter. The timing accuracy and the measurement of the rangefinders are the two most vital features that one needs while hunting. The rangefinders are equipped with lots of different modes and functions that you can use whenever needed.

The whole ranging process can be tricky and time taking if you don’t have the right equipment. To find a perfect rangefinder to carry along on your hunting voyage you must keep in mind all the features and modes you need to have.

Top 7 Best Rangefinders for Hunting in 2023

Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 Laser Rangefinder , Black

Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 Laser Rangefinder , Black

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TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder 6X Magnification, up to 540 Yards Laser Range Finder for Hunting with Range Scan, Speed Mode, CR2 Battery, and High-Precision Fast Measurements - Camo

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder 6X Magnification, up to 540 Yards Laser Range Finder for Hunting with Range Scan, Speed Mode, CR2 Battery, and High-Precision Fast Measurements - Camo

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Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder, Black

Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder, Black

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Leica 10x42 Geovid HD-B 3000 Rangefinding Binocular 40801

Leica 10x42 Geovid HD-B 3000 Rangefinding Binocular 40801

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Bushnell G-Force DX ARC 6x 21mm Laser Rangefinder, Black

Bushnell G-Force DX ARC 6x 21mm Laser Rangefinder, Black

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Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC 4x20mm Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder with Clear Shot

Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC 4x20mm Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder with Clear Shot

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AOFAR HX-1200T Range Finder for Hunting Archery, 1200 Yards with Angle and Horizontal Distance, Shooting Wild Waterproof Coma Rangefinder, 6X 25mm, Range and Bow Mode, Free Battery Gift Package

AOFAR HX-1200T Range Finder for Hunting Archery, 1200 Yards with Angle and Horizontal Distance, Shooting Wild Waterproof Coma Rangefinder, 6X 25mm, Range and Bow Mode, Free Battery Gift Package

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Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder 1500

71+5iIEt+oL. AC SL1500

Vortex is a trusted brand when it comes to highly precise rangefinders and the most promising thing about this product is that it can be used in various ways; bow hunting, target shooting, and also gun hunting. It is one of the best rangefinders one must go for when the precision and aiming of the target is concerned. Vortex Optics Laser Rangefinder 1500 is extremely handy and it can locate the moving target with exactitude. This is the rangefinder with an advanced menu that lets you take high angled shots even when the light does not cooperate. Moreover, due to its matchless brightness settings and precise lenses, the location of the target is much easier, up to 1500 yards. The Horizontal Component Distance HCD range display permits the to rifle shoot on the level ground of any range. It is a full package for hunters. The brightness settings allow you to aim the target in low light as well as in daylight. The rangefinder being water and fog-proof can operate even when the conditions are unfavorable. The textured covering of the product lets you have the firm grip that is very necessary while you are hunting out there. Although the price range of the Vortex Rangefinders is higher than the other competitive brands but the Vortex stands tall and is worth all the money you invest in it.


  • The VIP lifetime warranty
  • Best value for money
  • Works well even for the people who are red-green colorblind
  • Can operate in harsh conditions
  • Automatic adjustments for proficient use


  • It could be a little tricky at first but once you get a hang of it, it can get going.
  • It has a three-click operation which can be slow

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TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec is a renowned brand when it comes to optical devices. ProWild Rangefinder is another pocket-friendly yet premium hunting gear that has crystal clear optics and precise measurement and scanning technology. This rangefinder can range up to 540 yards with full clarity and precision. It provides a continuous scan even when the target is not stationary due to its advanced speed technology. It measures the speed of the moving target with full precision. It has this stunning camo design and a sturdy body that fits right in hands comfortably. This range finder is a versatile product and it has an intuitive control system that is needed badly in any rangefinder. It has been designed typically for hunting and has multilayered lenses that allow eye relief too. Moreover, the accuracy and the target aiming functions are outstanding. It is highly durable and can withstand harsh weather very well. The ProWild Rangefinder is heat resistant and can work pretty well in high temperatures as well as in low temperatures. The precision is sharp enough and this rangefinder is extremely economical if we compare it with the other rangefinders with the same accuracy. To find a rangefinder as precise as the high-end brands at such a low price is not easy. The ProWild rangefinder is a gadget that is reasonable yet competitive in terms of accuracy. The TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder is a perfect combination of reasonable cost, sustainability, effectiveness, and quality.


  • Continuous scan technology
  • Easy to read data
  • It can operate in harsh conditions such as snow, hail, rain, etc.
  • Perfect for hunting within 540 yards or less
  • Works better slightly low light as well


  • Technology limitations
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Simmons Venture SVL620B Hunting Laser Rangefinder; Volt and Venture Models

41sNcdoYrKL. AC

Who does not need a one-click operating rangefinder having pinpoint accuracy? Simmons Venture Laser Rangefinder is light on the pocket and provides you with the accuracy you need. It is a versatile product that can be used when you are out for hunting, short-range shooting, and bowhunting. It is also an ideal rangefinder to target if it is to be used for target archery. It has a unique ergonomic design that is lightweight; less than 5 ounces, therefore easy to carry around. The rangefinder operates with a single click and it has got an intuitive menu for you to use without any difficulty. The Venture model has used an invisible infrared laser beam to target the objects. It has a clear high contrasting display along with decent and crystal clear optics. The Simmons Venture Laser rangefinder permits you to range up to 625 yards in optimal conditions. It ranges the animals up to 200 yards with full precision. It has ±1 yard accuracy which is a commendable feature for an ‘on a budget rangefinder’ like this one. You just have to be steady while fixing the retile on the target and that is all, the rangefinder will do the tricks up next. In addition to the quick and hassle-free operation, this incredible rangefinder conserves your batteries by shutting off while not in use to enable you to use up the battery when needed, later. It has a durable rubber lining to it that provides a firm grip. Moreover, it is lightweight and light on your pocket as well.


  • Ergonomic design to keep you away from those stress injuries
  • Great value for money
  • Energy conserving gadget
  • Pinpoint accuracy, is what you need the most
  • Pretty decent optics, another feature that is needed badly


  • Does not carry it easily

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Leica 10×42 Geovid HD-B 3000 Rangefinding Binocular 40801

81cgFDm8YWL. AC SL1500

The best rangefinder that is going to fulfill all of your hunting needs is the Leica 10×42 Geovid HD-B 3000 Rangefinding Binocular. This is a high-end range-finding binocular that has been designed specifically for hunting. If we talk about the body of these praiseworthy binoculars, then it is bulky but the body is designed in a way to provide you the surface area that is slip-resistant and has a specialized ergonomic design. It has a range between 10m – 3000 yards with improved magnification features that allow magnification up to 10 times with crystal clear vision as it is made with high-end glass that has specialized multi-layering, prohibiting the smudges to remain on the glass. The optics used is way too extravagant that it takes your viewing experience on another level. It can give you the most precise focus and measurements than any other rangefinder. They work flawlessly even in the low light and in the sunlight, without altering the viewing experience. They provide you with great scope and the laser cuts through the heat and shows you what you need to see. It has improved 3D technology and phenomenal background separation. The eye-safe infrared laser beam is another great thing about this product. The measurement of the distance is 98 percent accurate, what else a professional hunter needs? The outer lining is made of durable rubber and has slip resistance. The prism installed in these binoculars minimizes the light loss and the diffraction of the inside. It has specialized modes for color balancing and for canceling out the reflection. The rangefinder has two unique modes; spot and scan mode to locate the single target and to measure constantly the moving target, respectively. Operates pretty easily and it also cancels out the wobbliness of your hands.  In a nutshell, this product is very reliable and is going to be a lifelong hunting buddy of yours!


  • Submersible and internal fog-resistant
  • Provides eye relief
  • Works in all lights
  • Prevent smudges and dirt to settle on the glass
  • The grip is pretty well even when you have the gloves on


  • weight can be bothersome

Bushnell G-Force DX ARC 6X 21mm Laser Rangefinder

91h+9idpdZL. AC SL1500

The Bushnell G-Force Laser Rangefinder is at the top of the list when it comes to versatility. It comes with three different and exceptionally useful modes that are easy to switch. The rifle, bow, and standard modes have unique features that allow you to use them as needed with full precision and efficiency. Guess what? It is more than a treat for the bow and rifle hunters due to its switchable technology. It provides precise readings in all seasons and at all ground levels, as it has angle compensated distance measurement features concerning the level or angle of the ground. The range is up to 5-1300 yards with ±1 yard accuracy. The most common problem faced by the hunters is to see through the display for readings while there is a low light condition, but the Bushnell G-Force Rangefinder is unique on its own and has a red illuminated display that enables you to read the data even if you are hunting late at night or early in the morning. The optics installed in this product is outclassed and can be magnified 6 times giving you a crystal clear view with full accuracy. The lenses are multi-coated are having the Rain Guard HD lens treatment. The focus adjustment and elevation adjustment are easy and provide you with the accuracy you need. This rangefinder has been furnished with Extreme Speed Precision (ESP) technology that makes it easier for you to range with accuracy and speed. Scan and Spot modes provide you with focusing the single or multiple targets, in motion and at rest. Bull’s-eye mode helps you to locate smaller targets with precision. The Vivid Display Technology is another milestone achieved by this rangefinder that makes the viewing experience worth it. The rangefinder has a strong rubber-armored metal housing that makes it long-lasting. The grip is non-slip and you can hold on to it even with the gloves on. The material of the body is waterproof and rainproof; also it does prevent the fogging of the lenses. This is the perfect rangefinder and one of the best rangefinders for hunting that can be used in all weather conditions and at all level grounds.


  • Fast initiation
  • Toughest body ever made
  • Four different brightness modes
  • Three different ranging modes
  • Red illuminated background display


  • Red illuminated display

Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC 4x20mm Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder

51O8RfVycsL. AC

The Truth ARC Bowhunting Rangefinder by Bushnell is a unique rangefinder having the ClearShot Technology that enables you to experience the high-end hunting experience in just one click. The specialty of the ClearShot feature is that it lets you have a clean and clear shot on your target, it also cancels out the obstacles so that you can know the distance and the shot is not obstructed by branches or any other hindrance. It assists you in providing the compensated distance based on the angle of your shot. The Angle Range Compensation mode helps you with the inclining or declining angles depending upon the level ground at which you are shooting. It focuses on the reflective target, up to 850 yards. However, if the target is a live animal then it ranges up to 200 yards. Moreover, this rangefinder provides you with not only the line of sight but also the true horizontal distance up to 199 yards for bow hunting and up to 850 yards for rifle hunting. Also the angle of the target and the position you are on ranges from -90 degrees to +90 degrees. This rangefinder is ideal for bow hunting and rifle hunting also for target archery. And it is extremely easy to operate with just one click, the magnification can be done easily and smoothly too.


  • Weighs only 6 ounces
  • One button operation
  • Ideal for bow hunting
  • Clear the obstacles while showing the precise yardage
  • Shooting from a tree stand could not be easier


  • Complicated to set up

AOFAR HX-1200T Range Finder for Hunting Archery

618pmREYSUL. AC SL1200

This extremely accurate rangefinder by AOFAR gives you the best hunting experience at a much lower price. It is as accurate as the other high-end product out there in the market, but you get to save some money. The accuracy is exceedingly important in locating the target, and this product is what you need while you are out there hunting or targeting archery.  The rangefinder is water, fog, and dustproof, and works pretty smoothly in bad weather conditions as well. It comes with a tough and compact body that fits in your hands and shows you its magic. The AOFAR Rangefinder lets you know the angle and the true horizontal distance of your target which indicates that now you can be uphill or downhill but still can read all the information needed to aim for the target. It provides you with pinpoint accuracy quickly as it is easy to initiate and switching to different modes is easy as well. It can locate the prey within 600-800 yards with full precision, and locating the reflective surfaces is even easier as the range increases to 100-1200 yards for that. The lens quality is the best at this price. The battery-saving technology enables the rangefinder to shut down when not in use for a few seconds. This is the best product for your bow hunting and archery expedition. Just carry it along and it will fulfill all of your hunting needs. It can also be used while you are playing golf, which makes it versatile. Too many benefits don’t harm anyone anyways.


  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Easy control and zoom adjustments
  • Quick distance measurement
  • Elevation adjustment made easier
  • Great in low light conditions


  • Are there any?

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There are lots of options waiting for you in the market but you can only go for those which you need. The rangefinder comes at different sizes and prices but the way you are going to use it and how often you intend to use your rangefinder is to be listed at the top of your priority list when you are about to buy a rangefinder. You should always choose the right option that fits the list of features you want to have in your rangefinder, or else you will be paying extra for the features or modes that you are never going to use. Coming to the final verdict, in the world of rangefinders range and accurate measurements are extremely important to get that shot right on point. The most commendable of all the products reviewed above is the Leica Geovid HD-B Rangefinding Binoculars that fulfill the entire requirement for an ideal hunting experience. It is a high-end product that is required in terms of accuracy and durability and is one of the best rangefinders for hunting that you can find in the market. Although it is heavy the thing that is needed here is precision and fast detection of the target. If you want to buy a product having perfect accuracy, keeping in mind the number of dollars you have in your wallet, then Simmons Venture SVL620B Hunting Laser Rangefinder is going to provide you an outclass experience at a reasonable price.

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Buyer’s Guide: What do you need to look for in a rangefinder that you are going to purchase?

A trusted brand:

The trusted brand assures you that your needs are being met and you get the best of all the products, and these brands stand by their product to provide satisfaction to their customers. They provide you with the best and quick customer service so that if you find it difficult to use the product you bought you can just ring them and ask for their help. The most prominent brands in the world of rangefinders are mentioned above and they do stand by their products and provides timely customer services and other perks you need.


A good rangefinder always comes with a warranty, some companies are way too humble that they provide a lifetime guarantee and some provide a warranty for almost 5 years. This is a good thing if you are paying a great deal for a rangefinder.

Your intent of using a rangefinder:

Rangefinders are life savers when it comes to locating the accurate distance between you and your target. To buy an appropriate rangefinder, you must keep in mind; why, how, and when you are going to use it. As the rangefinders are versatile and are used in various activities, from hunting to climbing. The rangefinders used for hunting should be precise and quick enough to show you the location and distance between you and the target. A quick one is always going to be at your side as hunting is a game of timings.


The range and its accuracy are another important things to look for while buying a rangefinder. The range of the rangefinders can be between 10 yards to 1800 yards or even more. We can have a rangefinder of a maximum range (1500 yards let’s say) and even then it could be possible that its accuracy of locating your hunting target, a deer, for instance, can only be 500 yards with full precision. Because it has different ranges that can locate a target, reflective surfaces, trees, etc. even if it has a maximum and fixed range of 1800 yards. So you need thorough research before buying a rangefinder to meet your ranging needs.

Weight and size:

Something like a rangefinder is the second important thing after a first aid box, so it should be as compact and lightweight as possible. While hunting one needs minimal things that can be carried easily. So a rangefinder should be lightweight and its size should be small enough to fit in your hands easily. No one needs a bulky gadget to hold in their hands for a longer period.

The features you need:

You should always pay for the features you need and willing to use, or else you will be overpaying for the features or functions you are never going to use in the long run. A high-end rangefinder that costs thousands of dollars also comes with a lot of technicalities. A simple and intuitive rangefinder can fulfill your needs at a lower cost.


A good rangefinder should be sturdy and have strong building material. The ergonomic design is highly appreciated in a rangefinder as you have to hold it for a lengthy period.


If you are to pay for a product like a rangefinder, the body should be strong enough to bear slight falls and all during the hunting expedition. A good rangefinder is like an investment; therefore you should never compromise on the material it is made of.


The rangefinders with the latest and swappable technologies are extremely helpful in saving your time. Most of the rangefinders have different technologies that can be switched whenever needed. These technologies help measure the distance even when the ground level between you and your target is not the same, also when your target is moving and you want a constant focus on it. See, they can make or break your visual and measuring experience so this is one of the things that you look for while buying yourself a rangefinder.


Money buys happiness and for a hunter, a good rangefinder is that happiness. But economically spending the money is pretty much the case here. A good and accurate rangefinder can be cheap, as well as expensive enough to cost you more than sail to the Caribbean. So the budget should be considered along with other features while buying a good rangefinder.

Optical quality:

Optical qualities yet another crucial feature of a rangefinder that should be top-class or else it can blur your whole hunting experience along with your visual experience. Optics should be crystal clear and have an anti-blur property that makes it better to focus on the target. Moreover, it should be smudge-proof and waterproof, as you cannot let some drops of water in the rain destroy your visuals.

Battery life:

Hunting is a time taking game thus your most reliable friend, that is your rangefinder obviously, should be there for as long as you need it. So a rangefinder having a long-lasting battery life is very essential.


Accuracy is the chief feature in a rangefinder that provides you with the readings you need. An inaccurate rangefinder is a thing no one needs, so look for its accuracy before buying one.

Whether or not it is water and fog-resistant:

Hunting during rain, or when you are near water, can be risky. If you drop something like a rangefinder in water or use it in rain then you should make sure that it has water-resistant properties or else it can harm your product. While something that can blur your vision is fog so you should better choose one with these properties in it. Let rain or fog not come between you and your hunting expedition.


After thorough research about rangefinders, you will know that reading the data on it can be tricky in low lights if it is not illuminated and the readings are in black. So you should go for rangefinders that are backlit and the data on them can be read in low light conditions as well. Backlit rangefinders can be like heaven while you are out there hunting early in the morning or late at night.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How does a rangefinder work?

You turn the rangefinder on and point the retile on your target and then it reads the distance on its showing you the readings you need.

How to preserve the battery of a rangefinder?

Some rangefinders are battery-saving and turn off on their own to preserve the battery. Nut if you want your batteries to last long then turn them off whenever you are done using them. And do remove the batteries if not in use for a longer period.

How to switch through the modes?

The user manual provides insights into how to use and switch between different modes of the rangefinders. Different rangefinders have different features and steps so before using one, try reading the manual/instructions.

How to operate the rangefinder?

Some rangefinders are just the game of one or two clicks to operate, some can be tricky but once you get used to it, things get on track.

How to magnify the rangefinder?

Some rangefinders have this feature built-in and some of the rangefinders allow you to magnify by only turning the eyepiece knob.

Which is the best rangefinder in the market that is light on the pocket also?

The best rangefinder so far in the context of value for money is Vortex Optics Ranger 1500. As it provides you precision and everything you need but at a lower cost.

How to clean the lenses?

Most of the rangefinders come with little accessories, for cleaning the lenses as well. If you are out of those you can use a soft cloth and brush that you can find from an optician store or rangefinder store to wipe the lenses.

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