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Irish Setter Men’s 4883 Rutmaster Hunting Boots Review

I’ve worn more pairs of boots through swamps, forests, and fields than I care to count. Footwear isn’t just a protective layer—it’s as much a part of my hunting gear as the bow in my hands. That’s why when I came across the Irish Setter Men’s 4883 Rutmaster 2.0 boots, I couldn’t wait to put them to the test in the wild. Would they stand up to my rigorous demands? Let’s find out together.

Irish Setter Men

Built for the Hunt

Right out of the box, the Irish Setter Rutmaster boots have this imposing aura. You can tell these aren’t your ordinary rubber boots. The neoprene and rubber construction promises a blend of durability and flexibility, an essential balance for serious hunters.

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Scent Ban Technology

For me, one of the most compelling aspects of these boots is the ScentBan technology. It addresses a problem we hunters often face: eliminating human scent to remain undetected in the wild. By targeting odor-causing bacteria, these boots help me stay incognito in the woods—which can be the difference between a successful hunt and coming home empty-handed.

ExoFlex: Like a Second Skin

The ExoFlex technology truly sets the Rutmaster apart. It’s a game-changer for putting on and taking off the boots. No more awkward wrestling with stiff boots in the early morning cold. They expand, let my foot in, and then contract for a secure fit—a snug embrace for my feet without cutting off circulation. And during a long day’s trek, I’ve found this feature allows natural movement, critical for those miles of stalking.

Ultra Dry, Ultra Necessary

Hunting terrain doesn’t come with convenience features—it’s often wet, muddy, and unforgiving. The UltraDry Waterproofing System in these boots means my feet stay warm and dry. And who wants to walk around with soggy feet? Nobody.

Lightweight Warmth When It Matters

The 800G Primaloft Insulation is a standout, encasing my feet in warmth without unnecessary bulk. Coupled with the RPM composite material in the midsoles and outsoles, these boots remain lightweight and don’t drag me down when I need to be nimble on my feet.

The Proof is in the Pudding… and the Puddles

On my first outing with the Rutmaster boots, the elements threw everything at me—mud, rain, and even a little snow. But true to their claims, my feet stayed dry and warm. And comfort? These boots have it in spades. The padded footbed feels like it has a personal vendetta against discomfort.

Pros and Cons


  • Fits like a glove (thanks ExoFlex)
  • Rugged but pliable rubber exterior
  • Quick-drying and entirely scent-free
  • Lightweight, doesn’t inhibit movement


  • Durability concern: the back of the boots may split over time

A Hunter’s Verdict

After putting the Irish Setter Men’s 4883 Rutmaster boots through their paces, it’s clear that they’re more than up to the task of serious hunting. The attention to detail—from the ScentBan to the ExoFlex—makes these boots a standout in a crowded market. While some may worry about the long-term durability, I’m impressed by the immediate comfort and protection they offer.

For those who spend their days immersed in nature’s toughest conditions, these boots are a sturdy ally. They are a testament to Irish Setter’s commitment to quality, a trait that we hunters not only appreciate but require. 

In the realm of hunting footwear, the Rutmaster boots are a stellar companion, robust enough for the hunter who demands the very best. Whether you’re trekking sylvan expanses or wading through streams, they’re a worthy investment for any hunter looking to keep their feet dry, warm, and concealed from an errant buck’s keen senses.

And when the day’s hunt has ended, and the campfire crackles with camaraderie, you’ll appreciate that your faithful Rutmasters brought you home with stories of the chase rather than tales of foot woes. Simply put, these are the boots that let hunters focus on the hunt—not on their feet.

Remember, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport and the treads of your boots. The Irish Setter Men’s 4883 Rutmaster 2.0 boots are proof that the right gear doesn’t just accompany you on your journey; it enhances it. Happy hunting, my friends.

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