Things to Consider while Loading and Unloading a Firearm

Handling a gun or any other kind of firearm is a huge responsibility. Nobody wants to get hurt or hurt others while holding a firearm. For that purpose, one must gather all the information on handling the firearm safely so that no one gets hurt. Although firearm accidents are accidents but you can do your best to avoid them. Handling a firearm is like holding a bomb that can go off any minute if not handled properly and efficiently. Accidents can happen unintentionally, but they can happen to both experienced or non-experienced handlers. And these kinds of accidents are shared all over the world. Guess that’s what is expected in the human race, a tad bit of carelessness. Just be as professional and present as you can while you have a firearm in your hands. 

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Firearms are no less than a ticking bomb

Prevention and Awareness

The firearm holders, both beginners, and professionals should be in a position to load and unload their firearm without any misfiring events. Loading and unloading are not that difficult but doing it correctly and safely is the actual task. It takes your undivided attention and muscle memory to load and unload your firearm safely. All the significant kinds of firearms, such as rifles, shotguns, or handguns, get loaded and unloaded differently.

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Three Rules of Firearm Safety

The NRA’s (National Rifle Association) Three Rules of Firearm Safety should be at your fingertips while handling a firearm/gun.

The Three Rules:

  1. Always keep the gun pointed in the safe direction
  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger if you are not ready to fire and you do not have your target locked.
  3. Always keep your gun unloaded until you are prepared to use it. 

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Things to Remember:

  • Use the correct ammunition
  • Be sure of the purpose and firearm you are handling
  • Examine the firearm properly before loading it
  • Single cartilage of incorrect caliber can get pretty messy, so be very vigilant
  • Never use wet ammunitions as it can be dangerous and cause serious injuries
  • Never assume that a gun is loaded or not loaded
  • Conduct a visual check carefully

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Loading a Firearm Properly and Safely

Now coming to the loading and unloading of the firearms, this part is trickier and demands your attention more than anything. Make sure to open the action and point the muzzle in a safe direction. And always keep the fingers off the trigger. 

The Safe Direction:

Keep your muzzle pointed away from yourself and the people standing next to you. Make sure your firearm is filed in the safe direction while you are loading it. For long guns, it is simple to point at the safe zone. But it is easy for the handguns, too; you can manipulate them easily and quickly. 

Examine the Condition of the Barrel:

The barrel can burst if it is fired while having many obstructions inside it. So open the action and make sure there is no excessive mud or lubricants that can increase your firearm’s pressure. Bursting of the barrel can be highly damaging to the shooter or the bystander, so be sure and vigilant. 

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Cocking the Gun:

To make sure the smooth trigger movement and shots, cock the gun to get the hammer back to its position.

Checking the Loads: 

The magazine can be with or without the rounds, but the firearm can still be loaded. So you must verify whether the bands have been inserted in the magazine or when you are getting ready. Check the barrels too.

Check if the Sight is okay:

For better and fast target acquisition, the Sight should be clear. If you have issues with your Sight, make sure you get the shooting glasses; if not, you are good to go.

Load the Firearm:

After all the above precautions, you might load your firearm.

Unloading a Firearm Properly and Safely

It would help if you always unloaded the firearm when they are not in use. It is essential to do that to avoid any injury whatsoever. 

Point the muzzle in the safe direction:

Always get the muzzle away from yourself or the people next to you and then load or unload it. The safe direction ensures that if the gun goes off accidentally, then the load doesn’t hit anyone. Point it either upward or downward away from yourself.

Put the safety on:

Suppose your firearm has a safe mode. Put that on.

Keep your fingers away from the trigger:

Always keep your finger outside the trigger guard even when it is getting unloaded. 

Unload the firearm:

Remove the magazine and eject the shells, etc.

  1. Open the action
  2. Examine carefully

Make sure your firearm is unloaded completely.