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The best ways to Sight in your Bow Like a Pro

Archery is one of the trickiest sports that require an abundance of precision and focus to hit the target. One cannot just point the bow intuitively and fire away to get the target down. The shooting requires accurate sighting along with perfect timing. The perfect sighting always enhances the likelihood of getting a shot right on the target therefore getting one should be your priority. 

The bow sights can be a little stern at first but through practice and dedication, things can get better as no shortcut or trick can help someone to sight a bow right away. 

To get the perfect hit on the target one must have a bow sight first and then comes its installation on the bow. Below is a quick overview of the things to consider.

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Types of Bow Sights:

  • Movable Pin Bow Sights (Single-Pin): This type of Bow Sights allows the shooter to just move the pin to their preference or convenience point while adjusting the focus and distance between the bow and the target. There is a scale that has notations on it for better precision and accuracy. The user will have to adjust the distance before every shot with the movable pin bow sight. This is the downside of this type of bow sight as hunting requires sharp and quick reflexes. 
  • Fixed Pin Bow Sights (Multiple-Pin): These are the most prominent among the professional hunters as well as the beginners due to their ease of use and setup. Fixed Pins Sights are very simple to use and come with a system that can adjust the yardage pretty smoothly and it has multicoloured pins for better distinction. 
  • Pendulum Bow Sights: Pendulum Bow sights works on a pendulum system that can align with the gravity to cancel the effect of height, gradient, or shooting angle, which is why it is ideal for the hunters targeting from the tree stands. The downward angle of the bow provides better focus and accuracy even from the tree stand.

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Getting the right Bow Sight: 

Bow sights come in various styles and have various types depending upon the preference and use. As discussed above the types that are available on the market that the users can get depending upon their needs. 

Installing the Bow Sight: 

Installation of the bow sights is critically important as it is one factor that is going to let you sight the target effectively. So any negligence in this step can cause major disruptions. The sight comes with instructions so one must follow all of them to install it correctly. Bows have places that allow the sight to be mounted. Keep the bow sight at the right angle to the bow and do not tighten the screws way too much. After the sight has been mounted perfectly try giving it a little rest so that it can settle on the bow. 

Sighting in a Bow:

  • Alignment of the bow sight:

Sighting and adjusting the pins of the bow sight can take more time than the users have anticipated as they will have to work through the stages to master the aiming and shooting.

When the bow sight has been mounted for the first time the shots can be haphazard as the bow sight will not align right away with the bow. Eventually, the sight will get aligned to give you the right aperture and precision in shots.

  • Sight the closer distances first:

To learn the art of sighting effectively using a bow sight the users must start with closer distances and then build it up to the further ones when they have mastered the closer first.

Choose the distance of 5 yards, for instance, and shoot at least 3 arrows on the ground first. Now sight in via the bow sight and use those arrows to shoot at the dead center while aiming at it. 

If your target is missed on the first shot, try to check the sight and the rest position of your bow before continuing the shooting. Keep on adjusting the sight pin till your shot hits the target.

After you have hit the target 3 times in a row at a 5-yard distance try increasing the distance e.g. 10, 15, 20, and so on. Shoot 3 arrows and make sure they hit the target every time you aim it. Eventually increasing the distance can give you shot precision and stability. In this way, you can build up your targeting game and aim effectively than ever. 

  • Adjust the direction of your bow sight by looking at the direction of your previous shots:

To get better shots see if you are hitting above the target spot then move the bow sight up a little. And if you think you are hitting it below the target spot them move it a bit down to get the perfect shot. Move it left if you think you are hitting way too left of the spot and do the same with the other direction.

Why are Bow Sights important?

  • To compensate for arrow drop due to miscellaneous factors including wind, humidity, distance, and arrow flexibility.
  • Bow sights help to improve the alignment while shooting from the bow.
  • They tend to converge all the focus of the shooter to the target only.
  • Saves you from running out of arrows if the hit does not go as planned.
  • To get better focus on the target so it can be locked and hit precisely.

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To master the sighting through a bow sight try giving yourself the time that you need, split the sessions into several days to build up the right precision. Adjust the pins and mark them every time the shot is perfect and every time it is not to see the difference and to learn through trial and error. There are many top-notch bow sight makers on the maker like TRUGLO, Apex Gear, Topoint Archery, and Trophy Ridge. All of these manufacturers are working to engineer the best bow sight one could have to polish their bowhunting/archery game. For beginners, setup using a standard fixed bow sight would be easier than with the other types of bow sights.

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