Ozonic hr 230 Review

The scent of humans or predators signals ‘danger’ and initiates an animal’s fight-or-flight response. Once their sympathetic nervous system activates they tend to get spooked and run away as far as they can from the danger. For effective hunting, you need to eliminate your bodily odors to be undetectable. Our Ozonics HR-230 review is going to enlighten you about this device and the wonders it does in the wild. The HR-230 model is the upgraded and the most advanced model by Ozonics that effectively conceals all the scent so you can stand there with full confidence. Scent can make or destroy the hunting game; therefore the best scent elimination device is what you require in your gear kit.

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Quality Features of Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device:

Ozonics HR230 Ozone Generator for Hunting - Odor Eliminator for Outdoor and Home Use - Ozone Removes Odors from House, Pet Rooms, Garage, Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen - Hunt Better with Ozonics!
  • OZONE GENERATOR FOR HUNTING: The Ozonics HR230 is an in-the-field ozonator designed, constructed, and patented specifically with hunters in mind.
  • PROVEN SCENT ELIMINATION: The power of ozone molecularly transforms and destroys the human scent, rendering it unrecognizable to deer and other big game.
  • 3 MODES OF OPERATION: The HR230 has 3 different modes for every circumstance: Standard and Boost modes for in the field, and DRiWASH mode for deodorizing clothing and gear.
  • QUIET, LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: The HR230 features a quiet built-in fan and Pulse Technology to balance the ozone concentration for effective yet quiet operation.
  • INCLUDED: HR230 scent elimination unit, standard battery, battery charger, tree mounting system, blind mounting system, and EZ Mount attachment.

Battery Life and Operation:

The HR-230 comes with its standard battery along with the charger; its life is up to 4 hours in Boost Mode (for tree stand hunting) and 5 hours in Standard Mode (for blind hunting). But if you are into extended hunts you may consider buying the extended battery separately so that low battery life would not hold you back. The extended battery although lasts up to 10 to 8 hours but it takes more time to charge as well. The built-in battery indicator on the device shows you the battery condition and time that is left.

Integrated Pulse Technology:

It is an upgraded system that ensures the balance between the oxidant level and the time to check that the proper amount is deployed to deodorize the gears and your surroundings.it provides both active and passive scent-control capabilities.

Ozonics HR-230 is the most trusted scent cancellation system that worth all the money that you spend on it. It is long-lasting and conceals your scent without making any noise to alert the game. The fan is super quiet and it is compatible with the Ozonics DRiWASH bag.

Portable and Mobile System:

It weighs only 14 ounces. The device is quite portable and compact that it fits right in your gear kit without any fuss. The exterior of this device is kind of light brown that it can be concealed effectively into the tree stands or the bushes.

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Integrated EZ Mount System:

The integrated EZ mount system ensures that your device is mounted easily onto the trees or the ground blinds. The mounting is super smooth and quiet. It also includes the brackets and other mounting units so that it gets attached conveniently.

Ozone Generator:

The Ozonics HR-230 is equipped with the phenomenal and scientifically proven in-field ozone generator that molecularly converts and destroys human bodily odors by altering the human scent code leaving it unrecognizable to the deer or other animals. It conceals your scent from your clothes and the gears you are equipped with. This machine is reviewed to be a must-have gadget near your tree stand or ground blind to disguise your scent without alerting the game.

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There are two levels of ozone outputs that this device offers; one is the standard mode that is especially for ground blind hunting. And the boost mode is designed for tree stand hunting.

The fan and the buttons that are on the device work quietly without spooking the game. The fan’s motor is silent therefore the noise does not alert the nearby game.

Package includes:

  1. HR-230 Unit
  2. Battery
  3. Battery charger
  4. Tree mounting system
  5. Integrated EZ mount attachment
  6. Blind bracket mounting system


  • Quiet fan motor
  • Silent on/off
  • Works well even in rain or snow
  • Intuitive menu


  • Battery life could be an issue

Why do you need a scent cancellation device like Ozonics HR-230 while you are hunting?

Research shows that the nose of the deer is moist and very sensitive to the human scent that it can pick up even the faintest scents and get alert. The whitetails are reported to have over 297 million olfactory receptors on their epithelium; (when humans have only 5 million) that are very efficient in signaling and detecting the human scent. The olfactory bulb of the whitetail is also about four times larger than that of a human. Therefore deer have a greater capacity to both detect and transmit the scent signals up to their brain quickly. These signals initiate the fight-or-flight response in them. When they perceive the upcoming danger near them they tend to run far, far away from it.

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Hunters use many ways to stay undetectable; they sometimes use scents to lure the game, unscented soaps and unscentedantiperspirants, clothes that are laundered in fragrance-free soaps. They sometimes wear boots that are high and cover most of their legs. Scent eliminating sprays are also used by some hunters and others use the scent cover to disguise the game. But these remedies are not as effective as an ozone-generating device that kills the scent properly.

The HR-230 makes sure that 100 percent of the odor is cancelled by its advanced integrated ozone generator.

Scent can lure, repel, or be used as a sign of communication among many animals especially mammals. So one should not go out in the wild before doing all the research about what should they do or do not do when they go out in the wild.

The scent travels faster when the air is humid and there is the wind, but when the weather conditions are harsh, dry, and hot the scent is eliminated effectively. The heavy rain tends to eliminate the odor while the wind carries it around. So one should check up on the weather conditions beforehand as well. Ozonics HR-230 scent eliminating device ensures that your scent is cancelled even when it is raining or the wind blowing around you.

Thus we can conclude that disguising your appearance and your scent both are extremely important when you are hunting in the wild. One must make sure of all the things before going out. Amateur hunters should take notes!

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There are lots of remedies to conceal the bodily scent while hunting but the one that is long-lasting and effective is to use an efficient scent cancellation device like HR-230. The company focuses on the elimination of the scent not just controlling it. If you do not wish to be detected by your game, then you must get your hands on the Ozonics HR-230 scent elimination device! The scent-destroying technology of this product is upgraded and evolved. The technology is scientifically proven and tested to work all day long. It is reviewed to be the most terrific tool in the field for destroying the odors and luring the game towards you. The integrated pulse technology is one of the most advanced of all technologies that powerfully destroys the smell without compromising the oxidant level. As deer can smell danger several hundred yards away, you need the device that conceals 100 percent of the bodily scents to make sure they do not get alert beforehand.

The Ozonics HR-230 is a revolutionary, industry-leading scent elimination device that destroys human odor in the air. It contains the smallest ozone machine on the market with bullet-proof reliability and life. This state of the art product is easy to use and features two modes: Boost for blind hunting and treestands and Standard Mode for ground hunts where wind direction does not matter. The self-contained unit mounts easily to your tree so you don’t have to worry about wearing heavy gear all day long when trying to be stealthy. It’s got an integrated EZ mount attachment that also serves as an emergency water collection system in case filling up before or after a hunt becomes necessary due to inclement weather conditions such as rain or snowstorms.

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Does it include a battery?

Yes, it comes with a battery and a charger.

Does the fan make any noise?

The noise level is negligible as it is equipped with a silent fan motor.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for 4-5 hours only.

Is it wise to carry an extra battery for a full-day hunt?

Without any doubt, you must carry extra batteries as the battery inside will only last for 4 hours maximum. For a long day, you will need extra batteries.

How far away can a deer smell human scent?

A deer can detect the scent of approaching danger several hundred yards away. Under weather conditions, it can smell a human ¼ miles away that is approximately 440 yards. If the weather is humid with a light breeze it can detect the smell even further.