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LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Burly Classic Hunting Boots Review

Hey, fellow hunting enthusiasts! It’s your buddy, the seasoned trekker through marsh, muck, and backcountry – here to slice open the truth about LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Burly Classic Hunting Boots. You know me, always trudging through swamps or stalking quietly in the backwoods. Through it all, one constant companion has been my trusty Burly Classics. So, let’s delve deep into why these boots have been the cornerstone of my hunting gear, and why they might just become yours too.

I’ve worn LaCrosse boots for over a quarter-century, and let me tell you, they’ve seen some rough days. Whether it’s the insistence of water-bound adventures or the unpredictability of rugged terrain, LaCrosse has been steadfast by my side. I’ve dabbled with others – from the allure of Buck Boots to Redhead’s offerings – even those hybrid LaCrosse options have had their audition. Yet time and again, I gravitate back to my burlies.

LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Burly Classic Hunting Boots Review

Why Burly Classics Stand Tall in Swamps: A Personal Tale

The old timers, the original Burly Classics, 26–27 years of service and still kicking – they’ve been living proof of durability. Two marine goop surgeries later, and they’re still waterproof, still flexible. They’ve survived the attic’s swelter and the garage’s cold indifference, and they’re an incredible testament to the boot’s longevity.

In contrast, I snagged a pair of 800 gram Burly boots recently, which had some hefty shoes to fill, figuratively speaking. They’re decent, no doubt about it – warm enough for a frosty dawn yet not overbearing when summer’s sweat is upon you. But let’s face it, the rubber isn’t what it used to be; it’s thinner with more clay mixed in. They don’t have the immortal vibe of the old guard.

Ankle Fit Design: The Grip That Never Slips

One gem that LaCrosse got spot-on is the ankle fit design. Some folks grumble about the effort in tugging them on or off, but I say ‘what’s a minute of struggle compared to hours of stability in the field?’ We take those boots on and off once each day, and that snug ankle means no toe-squishing to keep your boots hitched while wading through sludge or battling boot-sucking mud.

It’s this fit that lets you alternate between a thinner sock when the woodlands are ablaze with early-season warmth to a wooly behemoth of a sock when Jack Frost starts nipping. For the all-season hunter, the 800-gram insulation hits the sweet spot.

Rubber Versus Neoprene

Neoprene contenders might entice with sleekness and flexibility, but those of us who’ve danced through thorns and sharp sticks know better. Neoprene boots surrender to the wilderness; they rip, they tear, and there goes your dry comfort. LaCrosse’s all-rubber philosophy stands up much better – take it from a guy who’s spent more time in boots than out of them.

LaCrosse Burly Classics Today: The Best Among The Rest?

When I look at what’s out on the market today, I’m hard-pressed to find a rival to the LaCrosse Burly Classic. Even if they have seemingly lessened their recipe for timeless quality, these boots are a fortress in the swamp and a confidant on the trail.

Sure, the modern twists aren’t all bad – the elimination of laces is a pat on the back, given those pesky scent-holding, rotting nuisances. Plus, the redesigned gusset and improved toe guard add more comfort and protection. It’s an evolution that partially redeems the loss of old-school robustness.

Pros and Cons


  • Ankle Fit Design: Keeps the boot on, no matter the mire or mud.
  • Durability: The all-rubber construction endures the elements and time.
  • Insulation: Enough to shield during cold forays but won’t overheat in mild conditions.
  • Upgrades: Back gusset and toe guard improvements are practical enhancements.


  • Thinner Rubber: The modern ones just don’t have the heft of their ancestors.
  • Rubber Quality: More clay to rubber ratio is apparent, hints at cost-cutting.
  • No Laces: Can be a positive, but lace enthusiasts might miss the old charm.

Closing the Hunt

So, there you have it, my tales of the tracks, trails, and trials with the LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Burly Classics. They’re the boots that walk the talk, be it scouting in summer’s swelter or crossing icy streams in the bleak midwinter. The current models might lack the invincibility of the old stock, but they’re a bastion of reliability in today’s market.

LaCrosse, if you’re listening, us hunters wouldn’t mind a retro revival now and then, eh? To you, my cross-country compadres, if your heart is setting sights on sturdy, all-purpose rubber boots, you can’t go wrong with the LaCrosse Burly Classics. Check out the 800-gram model – it’s a versatile monolith in the wilderness.

Stick around, the hunt for knowledge never stops – there’s more gear wisdom, hunting hacks, and wilderness whispers coming your way. Happy trails and shoot true, my friends.

FAQ Section

How do the LaCrosse Burly Classics fare in extreme cold?

The 800-gram insulation tackles cold efficiently but pair it with a quality sock for deep freeze hunting.

Are these boots suitable for all-day wear?

Absolutely, the ankle fit design reduces fatigue and keeps you marching comfortably from dawn till dusk.

Can these boots handle varied terrain, not just swamps?

They sure can. From rocky trails to muddy paths, the Burly Classic is a reliable comrade.

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