How to Restoring the Shine of Rubber Boots?

Hunting boots are always there to save the day out in the harsh and rough environment. These boots never hold you back and protect your feet even when the paths are dodgy. They are the savior for harsh and wet outdoor activities like hunting, farming, fishing, and other chores. The boots keep you going to various places without any inconvenience, so in return, you must keep them clean and top-notch after every use so that they stay for a long time.

Material and construction of the Rubber Hunting Boots

 The natural vulcanized rubber that is used to engineer the best rubber hunting boots is of top-notch quality that provides all the comfort and protection the feet deserve. The tread pattern and the polyester lining for added comfort are always a big yes if you are going out for a very long day. All the favors that these boots give the user just need one little thing in return, and that is maintenance and timely cleaning so that they can last longer.

What You Need:

  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Clean cloth
  • Basic eraser
  • Hunter Boot Care Kit
  • Witch hazel
  • Rosemary essential oil

Why is the maintenance of the rubber hunting boots necessary?

If treated right like many other things, rubber boots can serve you for a lifetime. Cleaning the boots after each use is crucial not only for their own life but also for your hygiene and betterment. No one wants to roam around with smelly and dirty boots. Cleanliness and maintenance of the rubber boots can give them a neat and new look even if they are very old. If the boots have been to the wet and dirty places, then you must clean them right after your chore has been completed.

The rubber hunting boots have to be cleaned thoroughly from inside out after a long stressful day. The things that one must keep in mind while cleaning the interior and exterior of the rubber hunting boots are mentioned in designated sections below:

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Exterior of the Rubber Hunting Boots

Rubber Hunting Boots can be cleaned and maintained at home with ease and already available products. Therefore one can’t make any excuse for not maintaining their rubber boots. Just play around and check which products can be friendly and which are not to be used on the boots. 

Any clean plus soft cloth can be used to wipe the dirt or soap solution off of the boots. Mild soap

solutions should be used in a diluted form so that the surface of the rubber boots does not react with the chemicals present in the soap/detergents. It is recommended to use liquid soaps or detergents instead of powdered ones as the content of the powdered ones can react with the rubber of the boots. 

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Cleaning the dirt from the surface and sole

Cleaning is one of the key factors that is going to prolong the life of the boots. A little bit of maintenance can bring back the grace of the rubber hunting boots in no time. There are lots of ways to get this job done. The boots can get cleaned with water, liquid soap, or detergent, this is one is the simplest way to clean the dirt from the boots’ exterior.

If the boots are dirty and the content is dry then try to get the dirt off of the soles at first by knocking it so that the dirt can shed: After that use a clean cloth to get the dry dirt off of the exterior. If the contents of the dirt are wet, use a brush and soap solution to clean the soles of the boots and rub the soles till they can get free of the dirt. 

Getting rid of the bloodstains

Bloodstains can get naughty if not cleaned in the right way. To get rid of the bloodstains try mixing lukewarm water with the liquid soap and spray on the area where there are bloodstains. Let the solution sit for a while and then rub it gently with a brush or a sponge. Be careful so that the bloodstains stay where they are. At the end use a clean rag to wipe the blood off of the boots gently. And clean the whole exterior again if you think it needs some extra cleaning. 

Another way to clean the bloodstains is to apply some bleach on the areas that need to be cleaned but rubber boots and bleach are not best friends. 

Bloodstains can also be removed with white vinegar or baking soda solution. Covering the bloodstains with the mentioned solution for a while to dissolve the blood and then cleaning it with a soft cloth can give effective results. 

Cleaning the zippers/straps and laces

After the soles and the exteriors of the rubber boots have been cleaned properly, the zippers or straps/laces (if the boots have any) should be cleaned thoroughly to give the boots a clean look. A brush with soft bristles can be used to clean the laces and zippers if the dirt does not get off with a cloth. 

Things to consider for further maintenance of the exterior of Rubber Hunting Boots

  • Avoiding blood stains and water damage

There are many stain and water repellent sprays available on the market that can be used to avoid further water and bloodstains on rubber boots. Do some research about the material of the boots and choose the sprays or conditioners accordingly. 

  • Air-drying and avoiding UV degradation  

Another thing to keep in mind is that drying the rubber boots in direct sunlight should not be done at any cost. The UV rays can damage the rubber and its color which gives it a very bad look. Always dry the rubber boots where there is no direct sunlight to avoid UV degradation of the rubber boots. 

Products that can be used for the restoration of the shine of rubber hunting boots:

  • GEAR AID Revivex Rubber Boot Treatment and Neoprene Protector

There are many products available to restore the shine of rubber boots on the market. One of the effective products is Gear Aid Revivex Rubber Boot Treatment and Neoprene Protector. This product claims to restore the shine of your outdoor boots and not only that, but it also protects the exterior of the boots from UV degradation due to excessive sunlight. The treatment keeps the boots up and running for longer by protecting and moisturizing the exterior which in return gives it a glossy look.

  • GEAR AID UV Protectant and Conditioner Spray

This non-toxic and color protectant conditioning spray can help to enhance and maintain the durability of rubber boots. The sun damage is minimized if the boots are sprayed with the conditioner. The color of the boots is also protected by this product; moreover, it also minimized blooming that is the most frequent issue among the users of rubber boots. 

  • Avoiding the Blooming

The vulcanized rubber tends to get a whitish look after some time which is also known as blooming. To get rid of the blooming, apply some olive oil on a clean and dry cloth and wipe it properly. Olive oil makes the rubber boots shiny and helps to get rid of the blooming.

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  • Maintenance of the scratches and cracks

The exterior of the boots can get scuffs or scratch marks because of the area they have been to or simply due to the friction. The boots can be cleaned the way it is mentioned above and the scratch marks can use some olive oil rubbed onto them. Olive oil not only restores the shine but also makes the scratches go away. So for that purpose just take a clean soft cloth and some olive oil to get the job done. 

The scratches along with the bigger cracks on the rubber boots can be mostly due to the water contact. To get rid of the cracks silicon glue can be used. All of these products are available on the market. So instead of investing money on new boots now and then, just maintain them properly to get the most of them. The soon you detect these cracks and scratches the better, or else they can get bigger and your boots will leak and the interior can get messy when you are out in the damp areas.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Interior of the Rubber Hunting Boots

 Rubber boots usually come in handy during rainy days or when one has to go through rough damp and wet places. Due to the moisture and damp conditions, the interior of the boots also gets affected. This can cause an unpleasant odor and accumulation of molds and bacteria. To get rid of that, the interior along with the exterior of the boots must be cleaned now and then. 

  • Getting rid of the bacteria and odor 

Cleaning the interior will require the same solution of diluted liquid soap/detergent at first. Just take a cloth and dip it in the solution and thoroughly clean the interior of the rubber boots. Now that the interior is cleaned too, put some white vinegar in the spray bottle to spray inside the boots so that the agents in the vinegar can sanitize and kill the odor of the boots. Baking soda can also be used inside the boots to keep them odorless and to keep them free from bacteria and molds. After cleaning and sprinkling the vinegar thoroughly, use a dry cloth to wipe all over and then air dry the boots.

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Tips to Remember:

  • Always use a clean and soft/absorbent cloth preferably cotton or microfiber ones for cleaning the rubber boots.
  • Try not to use powdered cleaning agents or the ones with many toxic and harmful ingredients.
  • A soft bristle brush should be used to dissolve the stains on the boots.
  • Always use a soft sponge for light cleaning.
  • Never use the chemicals without diluting them first as it can harm the rubber of the boots.
  • If the exterior is to be cleaned only, then stuff the interior of the boots with newspapers and paper towels so that the cleaning solution does not get inside and damp the interior.
  • Always go for the dried and stuck dirt first and then clean the boots thoroughly as you like to.
  • Always dry the boots by putting them upright and in a place where there is no direct sunlight.
  • Use a clean and dry cloth after cleaning the boots with the damp one to give it a nice and smooth finish.
  • Wearing socks should be preferred to avoid an unpleasant odor.
  • Never leave the damp socks inside the boots after use.
  • Always put an absorbent cloth inside if the interiors are damp after use.
  • Always sprinkle baking soda inside the boots when they are dry to keep them fresh and free from unpleasant smells.
  • Charcoal or other odor absorbent agents can also be used.
  • Always use diluted vinegar/soap/detergent or other agents while you are cleaning.
  • Never use any greasy substance on the rubber boots as they are not resistant to greasy substances.

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Rubber Hunting Boots are made exclusively to let you walk on the rough terrains with full confidence and comfort, to return the favor one needs to maintain them properly. They are tough but sometimes tough ones also need some maintenance and attention. Cleaning them after every use can affect their lifetime and it saves you from the unpleasant smell and display on your boots. If the boots are getting cleaned constantly then they do not acquire any smell or bacterial accumulation. There are many products other than the ones mentioned that can help you even more in the restoration of rubber boots. The sun can damage the color and exterior of the rubber boots therefore going for the products that claim to be UV protectant is a sound choice. Moreover, maintenance will cost less than the new Rubber Hunting Boots so why not go for the option that is very light on your wallet? So just be responsible and get those boots cleaned and maintained at all times for long-lasting results!