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How to use crossbow cocking device?

In how to use crossbow cocking device article we will be discussing how you can adequately use a crossbow cocking device. Unfortunately, not many hunters know how to do this properly, so they would wind up hurting themselves or even have the arrow not fire at all.

In most cases, using a cocking device would take more time than drawing the string back, but there are certain times when it is best to use a device rather than draw a usual bowstring back.

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How To Use A Crossbow Cocking Device: Proper Way Of Using One

Steps Part 1:

What You Will Need For This Step

– Your favorite hunting equipment(crossbow)

– String attached to your bow with either fasteners or waxed string material as fasteners

– Measuring tape

– Crossbow cocking device (if you don’t have one, then scroll down for how to make your own)

Steps Part 2:

  • At this point, take the string and measure how long it is. If you are using a crossbow with the rope cocker, wrap the measuring tape around the body of your bow.
  • If you are using a crank device, attach your string to the bow so that there is about an inch of slack between where it is attached on either side.
  • Do not pull the line back yet at this time.

Steps Part 3:

Once you have measured how long your string is, determine how much more slack do you have before pulling back your arrow all the way. This will be how much cocking weight you have to apply.

Steps Part 4:

Once you have determined how much cocking weight is needed, attach the cocking device to your string. Make sure that it is parallel with the ground before doing this step. Turning it upside down could cause damage to the product, which may also result in injury for yourself or others around you. Use either fasteners or corn syrup or wax as fasteners if necessary. If you are using a crank device, make sure that your cable slide is locked into place to avoid any problems when cocking your device.

Steps Part 5:

Once the cocking device has been attached, along with how much slack is required, pull back on the string. Once the bolt is at about two inches of its way to firing, let go of it, then remove back more for another two inches before re-releasing it. This will make your string bend more naturally, like how regular archery works by bending the bowstring first before letting go.

Steps Part 6:

If you are still having trouble on how to use a crossbow cocking device or how to make one yourself, try watching videos online on how proper cocking devices are correctly used with measuring tapes and how much weight needs to be pulled at each stage for beginners there would be an easier way out making it easier for you guys.

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How to use a crossbow cocking device? Conclusion:

We all know that crossbows are great for hunting and target practice, but it can be challenging to cock a crossbow without the help of some mechanical aid. Many people use their foot or an object like a tree stump to push down on one end while they pull back the other with their hands to get enough tension in the string. This is not only time-consuming and awkward (you’re stuck out there by yourself trying to find something sturdy), but you also risk getting your fingers caught up when pulling back on the bolt carrier mechanism if you don’t have any protection over them. Luckily for hunters everywhere, someone invented this nifty little device called The Cocking Aid, which makes life so much easier.

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