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Best crossbow with built in cocking device

As a seasoned hunter and aficionado of traditional outdoor pursuits, I’ve come to appreciate the evolution of my gear as much as the time-honored practices of the hunt itself. The crossbow, an ancient weapon firmly rooted in the annals of hunting history, has undergone impressive technological advancements.

Today, I’ll guide you through the world of the best crossbows with integrated cocking devices and how they can enhance your hunting experience.

Before we go through our list, how about we talk about cocking devices in general?

Buyer’s Guide to Cocking Devices:

There are many cocking devices on the market, and each has its own unique features. Some may be better for you than others, depending on your needs; however, it is essential to consider more than just price when buying one of these pieces, as some can cost much more in repairs or replacement if not appropriately cared for! The following list covers only a few but should get us started:

Easy to use:

There is no one perfect cocking device. The best ones compromise between ease of use and power handling capabilities for different users with various needs!

A rope-style cocker will be simple enough that those who don’t want (or can) handle half the crossbow’s draw weight due to injuries, age, or physical limitations won’t have any problem using this type of mechanism. At the same time, it also features powerful kicks at just about your average shooting speed, making these ideal candidates if you’re looking primarily for mobility in hunting situations where extended time behind cover isn’t required very often but sudden surprise attacks happen constantly.


The best cocking devices are those that will work with your budget. Suppose you have a lower limit for what price is acceptable. In that case, mechanical versus rope-cocking mechanisms might not make sense since they both come at lower prices than crank systems and integrated ones, respectively, but offer different pros and cons in terms of power or aesthetics (which can sometimes outweigh other considerations).

A lot depends on how much money someone has available to spend as well!

Integrated vs. Removable:

If you’re thinking about getting a crossbow for hunting, then the type of cocking device might be something on your list to research. Some people prefer integrated devices that mount directly onto the limbs. On the other hand, some removable ones are light enough to easily fit in any container or compartment around camp without becoming an additional hassle when not being used.

Decide what works best based on preferences, like whether integrating more weight means less ability to move freely throughout different terrains. In contrast, others want easy access options, so their weapon is constantly accessible at all times, regardless of whether there’s rain nearby waiting out upstream stretches.

The Right Fit:

What’s the best cocking device? You may think it’s something as straightforward as your hand. However, you should consider two essential factors before deciding which handle will work for both yourself and (ideally) any weapon in that particular set-up!


The cocking device is an essential component of any weapon and should not be overlooked. Cocking efficiency refers to the speed at which you can get your gun ready for use and how accurate that shot will be with encountered noise or kickback when fired from its barrel into another surface (whether it hits or misses).

It’s also essential if this trigger mechanism has smooth, consistent action without much force needed on part ways through pulling back as well as keeping your hands away from harm’s way by using something simple but effective in design like rubberized material-handled safety levers where there isn’t risk of fingers getting caught between teeth while engaging.


Quality is king when it comes to crossbows. You want a high-quality cocking device so that you won’t have problems during your hunt, and the best ones can be found in cheap packages or accessories because they are usually more durable than offered as part of an all-inclusive deal.

How Do I Safely Cock a Crossbow?

Not too long ago, I shared a video on my Facebook page of me prepping a crossbow before going out to do some shooting. The video was filled with straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions on how to safely cock a crossbow, but it seems that many people didn’t watch the video and instead wanted a full breakdown of How To Cock A Crossbow.

So here’s How To safely Cock A Crossbow from start to finish!

How To Safely Cock A Crossbow: Assembling The Crossbow

1. Unscrew the Allen screw from the stock. Remove bolt rest base by unscrewing one more Allen screw. Then remove the pivot bolt in the middle by pushing forward and rotating down.

2. Pull stock down off of the two pivot bolts. Fold limbs back, then pull forward to fold in half and remove from bow assembly.

3. Remove four (4) screws that hold the riser in the place where it is connected at the top of the crossbow grip.

4. Once the riser has been removed, you will notice a wide-open space with nothing but the string in between your arms and palms on both sides. This can be very dangerous when cocking a crossbow because there’s absolutely nothing stopping the limb tips from coming together and pinching or cutting you in between! To prevent this, we need to add something for protection.

Now we can dive into our best crossbows with built in cocking device.

Best Crossbows with Integrated Cocking Devices

Picture this: you’re stealthily maneuvering through the brush, your prey mere yards away, unaware of its fate. Your equipment must be the silent partner in this dance of patience and precision. That’s where the beauty of a crossbow with a built-in cocking device comes into play.

These mechanical marvels not only offer ease of use but also precision and safety, allowing hunters like you and me to focus on the quintessential—the hunt. Let’s dive into the top crossbows that combine performance and convenience, ensuring that your next outing is both fruitful and enjoyable.

1. Excalibur Suppressor 400 TD: The Silent Predator

Touted for its exceptional balance and ergonomics, the Excalibur Suppressor 400 TD blends in like a natural extension of the hunter. Its power and compactness are only rivaled by its silence, courtesy of Excalibur’s sound-deadening technology. And with a rope-cocking mechanism, it’s both safe and efficient to wield in the natural expanse of the wild.

Best crossbow with built in cocking device


  •  Superior balance and accuracy 
  •  Silent operation
  •  Easy and safe rope cocking mechanism


  • The draw weight might be intense for some

2. TenPoint Wicked Ridge Rampage 360: Your Entry Into Elite Hunting

Beginners, brace yourselves for an experience steeped in ease and performance. The Rampage 360 is not only user-friendly but also features the “ACUDRAW 50 COCKING DEVICE”, reducing draw weight by half. Its speed and built quality are the benchmarks of American craftsmanship.

Best crossbow with built in cocking device


  •  Speedy 360 feet-per-second firing rate
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • ACUDRAW 50 ensures easy draw


  • Some might seek a higher draw weight for more challenging hunts

3. Barnett Hyperghost 405: The Ghostly Guardian

Stealth and speed are the hallmarks of the HyperGhost 405. Its riser provides stability while it shoots a deathly 400 fps. A hunter can rely on its built-in cocking device for safe and consistent power transmission.

Best crossbow with built in cocking device


  • Impressive 405 fps velocity
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Includes a premium illuminated scope


  • Arrows are an additional purchase

4. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR: Camo Clad Killer

A triumph in camouflage, the Whitetail Pro STR comes decked out in True Bark Camo for an immersive hunting experience. It isn’t just about looks though – with a kinetic energy punch of 140 ft-lbs, you’re getting a lethal package that’s ready for the taking 24/7.

Best crossbow with built in cocking device


  •   Powerful impact and high velocity
  •   Includes an illuminated scope for precise shooting
  • Rope cocking device for ease of use


  • The camouflage pattern might not be to everyone’s taste

5. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II: The Trusty Companion

This crossbow is akin to a hunting confidant—reliable, efficient, and equipped with everything a hunter could need, including a 4×32 scope and an ergonomic grip design. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a fledgling in the art of the hunt, this bow meets you precisely where you are.

Best crossbow with built in cocking device


  • Accurate and user-friendly
  • TriggerTech technology for a smooth trigger release
  • Anti-dry-fire features


  • 350fps may be slower than some prefer

6. CenterPoint Sniper 370: The Tactical Achiever

When finesse meets function, you get the Sniper 370. Suitable for varied environments, this crossbow’s adjustable nature allows for a comfortable shoot regardless of the user’s size. Plus, it’s shrouded in silence thanks to its string suppressors.

Best crossbow with built in cocking device


  • High precision with low vibration
  • Adjustable stock for personal fit
  • Anti-dry fire safety features


  • Does not include arrows

Making The Right Choice

When picking a crossbow, consider its draw weight, noise suppression technology, speed, and kinetic energy. The integrated cocking device is the center of our topic, and here’s why: It ensures the crossbow is correctly, safely, and easily drawn, which often translates to better shot accuracy and a more enjoyable hunting experience. Choose based on what feels like an extension of yourself in the wild.

Remember, fellow hunters, it’s not just about the hunt, but also bonding with your gear – resonating with the nuanced language of the wild through the instrument you wield. Whether you opt for an Excalibur, a TenPoint, or a Barnett, make sure it aligns with your hunting style.

Final Thoughts & FAQs

A crossbow with an integrated cocking device streamlines the hunting process, allowing us more time to engage with nature and less meddling with our gear. As you consider these options, I stand by ready to aid in any queries about making your crossbow handling both a safe and exhilarating experience.


Can I leave a crossbow cocked overnight?

While modern crossbows are more resilient, it’s wise to uncock your crossbow if not in use for extended periods – both for your safety and to maintain the bow’s integrity.

Is a heavier draw weight necessary for larger game

Yes, typically heavier draw weights offer deeper penetration, crucial for larger game. However, ensure it’s within a range that is comfortable and safe for you to handle.

What should I do if my crossbow accidentally dry-fires?

Cease using it and inspect it thoroughly for any damage. If you’re uncertain, have a professional look at it. Dry-firing can seriously harm both the bow and potentially the user.

How often should I replace my crossbow strings?

This depends on usage and maintenance. Regular inspection will reveal when it’s time – typically every 2-3 years with regular use and proper care.

Embark on your next hunting quest with confidence, wielding a crossbow that is not just a tool but a companion in your pursuit. Good luck, and may the forests greet you with the wisdom of the wild and the joy of a successful hunt.

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