How to String A Recurve Bow?

If you know how to string a recurve bow, then you have got this!

A recurve bow is a bow with limbs that curve away from the archer when it is unstrung. It throws the arrow faster and with pretty good accuracy. As the recurve bow stores more energy, and it surely delivers this energy more efficiently than any other straight-limbed hunting bow. To make your bow fit to be used in the game, you have to take measures accordingly.

To string your recurve bow is one of the essential things that you should learn when you come into archery. Un-stringing is equally crucial as it makes sure the durability and long-life of your bow and strings both. Learning the proper and safe way to string and un-string your recurve bow is significant as the fate of your bow and string is just in your hands and in the hands of the technique you use to do it. So here you can’t leave any room for mistakes, or else your recurve bow or string or even your face can suffer the consequences of it!

A recurve bow is one of the best types of bows you can use to start practising how to shoot a bow and arrow. The reason why it is so popular among hunters, beginners, and target shooters is that this type of bow has some advantages over other more advanced ones.

When first getting started, most archers who are new at using these complex weapons may want to know How To String A Recurve Bow?

Although these powerful tools seem complicated at first glance, they are not as hard to learn about as you might think. In fact, checking How To String A Recurve Bow? could be your first step toward mastering one of these weapons because being able to quickly loop the string around the back end properly will make a world of difference in your accuracy and shooting power.

To String A Recurve Bow, you can use either an older inside-out method or a newer over-under alternate method. How to String A Recurve Bow By The Over-Under Alternate Method? How To String A Recurve Bow With An Inside Out Method is the more common way that archers will string their bow at first until they get used to using this type of weapon.

Today, we are going to tell How To String A Recurve Bow by the Over Under Alternate How To: Way:

You can string and un-string the recurve bow by using the “Step Through” Method or by using a Bow Stringer and by using the “Push-Pull” Method. The step-Through method is one of the oldest ways of stringing a recurve bow. While a bow stringer is a tool that assists you to string a recurve bow fast and easy but mostly without hurting you!

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Step-Through method of stringing a recurve bow includes the following steps:

  • Get your bow ready and take the string and slide it gently over the top all the way down and on the reverse end string it in the grooves, make sure it fits there correctly.
  • Now you have to step into the game! Step through the recurve with your left foot and grasp it with your right foot. Make sure that the bottom tip of your bow is resting on the outside of your right foot. And the handle of the recurve bow is resting in the middle of the back of your thigh.
  • Make sure it is away from your face, though!
  • Now you will have to put the palm of your hand on the tip of the recurve bow. And grab your string properly just beneath the string loop.
  • You may have to press your lower body back slightly and then pull up your string. This wave of pulling and pushing the recurve bow and the string will make this end to be fit to the grooves properly.

In the same way, you can also unstring the recurve bow.

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Now coming to the Bow Stringer method of stringing a recurve bow:

The safest and the most convenient way of stringing a recurve bow for beginners and even professionals is to string it using a Bow Stringer; the Tool exclusively made to help you string your bows. A Bow Stringer is a long string having a leather cuff on one end and a loop on the other end.

  • To use it, you have to place the end of the Bow Stringer with the leather cuff on the end of your bow. And the one with a loop will be placed on the opposite end of your bow.
  • Now that the bow stringer is attached you have to jump or step on it and hold the bow by its grip and pull it straight up gently to flex its limbs.
  • By doing so, the bow will be curved, and it will make the string slip and fit in the respective grooves of the recurve bow.
  • After your work is done, all you have to do is to remove the bow stringer and Voila!

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Another most common and easy method is Push-Pull Method which includes:

  • Start by placing one of the ends of the recurve bow on the instep (arched part of the foot) of your right foot, but do not put any weight on it hold it there.
  • Then grab the handle of the bow with your right hand.
  • Next, you have to place your left hand on the back of the bow.
  • You need to push with your left hand and pull with your right one.
  • Now gently slide your string up with your thumb and forefinger into the grooves. And the job is done!
  • Make sure you get the hang of it by practicing one of these methods. Once you get the hang of it, nothing is going to hold you back!

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