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What are the useful devices for Hunting?

Hunter Tipsy fellow hunters regularly revisit the conversation about useful hunting gadgets. Simple devices, such as a rifle rest, organizing an overnight stay in a makeshift hut or a house on the bank of a river, and even a hunting hut on a tree, a so-called observation outpost, in no way contradict the Hunting Rules and other regulations that have legal force in the Russian Federation.

If we talk about the practice of hunting, probably many will agree with me that season after season they go hunting not at random, but to certain places (of which there may be several), to the place where the previous hunt gave good results, to the place where the hunting economy leads effective work on the preparation and maintenance of hunting grounds.

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Thus, each hunter is talking about several places (territories, regions) for hunting. And these places, taking into account their regular visits, should be reasonably equipped.

In this article, in a concise format, I will give practical examples of useful devices for hunting. They mainly relate to hunting in the dark.

Each of the simple devices can be made in just a few hours and even less, using a simple tool and improvised deadwood found in the forest.

A simple tool is a very important factor in hunting, since it is inconvenient to carry a box with a variety of tools with you into the forest, a minimum set is enough, in which an ax or hatchet is desirable.

Here I recall the familiar to many “bearded” anecdote about the Chukchi, who took a telephone booth with him into the forest and was going to throw it in the forest when the bear attacks, and then it will be easier for the Chukchi to escape.

And now, with the help of only a hatchet and a dry, unusable forest (logs), one person is able to quickly build a supportive gun in the manner of what the musketeers carried with them (!) – for aimed shooting from a rather heavy blunderbuss.

On the other hand, to create even such a simple device, you need to have professional ideas about the weapon, its weight, the height of the shooter, the director (direction) of a possible shooting, and the features of the cross-country area are also important.

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From the above illustration, it can be clearly seen that it was created from two parallel rough logs 10-12 cm in diameter, one fastening crossbar, a platform for a rifle with a notch, and an upper metal retaining rim from a section of perforated construction tape, which, however, is not even mandatory.

The peculiarity of this design is how the two inclined main logs are fixed – an additional and main fastening, which also provides the angle of inclination of the guides, is the trunk (remnant) of a sawn tree, the diameter of which can be 10–20 cm.

It is to a vertically standing and relatively high (height from half a meter and above) “stump” two inclined logs are fixed. They are fastened with two long “weave” nails driven in with the back of the ax.

So, the whole structure required only five of the same type of nails, the “extra” ends of which are bent, hammered in with the same ax.

The result is a simple, uncomplicated design, which I and our other colleagues use in ambushes – places where prey animals are most likely to appear.

When hunting a wolf, fox, hare and wild boar, I use a fairly simple weapon, a hunting carbine – the prototype of the SKS chambered for 7.62×39 and the Saiga M3 multi-charge chambered for the same cartridge.

Therefore, my device for holding the weapon and ensuring high-quality aiming is simple. But effective. This is what I share with my colleagues.

I must say that when shooting at waterfowl, I do not need a holding device at all, in this case, I prefer shot and maneuverability.

Another design, which I had to create with my own hands, is less original, because almost all hunters who hunt an animal from an ambush, and especially a wild boar, know about it.

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We are talking about a homemade tower, assembled from boards 10 … 15 mm thick, sections of which can be found even free of charge at the nearest sawmill. They will be happy to give them to you so that they do not litter the territory.

As part of this tower, it is advisable to provide a ladder – it helps to comfortably climb up to people who are rather overweight, and, of course, the observation deck itself. It should be reinforced with a second layer of the same planks or thicker, so that “the floor under you does not fall through.”

The observation deck is quite large enough for one person. It takes more nails, but in this case (when you need a lot of fastening material) it is more convenient to use not nails, but self-tapping screws and … a cordless screwdriver, in extreme cases, a cordless screwdriver, which is inferior in power to a screwdriver, although it has more compact dimensions.

A stock of screws up to 40 does not fit a pocket, provided that such a self-made tower will only need to be made once, and used in this area for several years.

In addition, the boards themselves will have to be delivered by car to the installation site.

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Hunting is a useful way to pass time and get useful materials out of animals. Many useful things can be gained from the animals you hunt. Some useful devices for hunting include:

1) Game Calls – Game calls can attract many different types of animals. They work by mimicking the sounds that the animal makes in its natural environment. This causes the animal to believe there is another animal around it looking for a mate or trying to defend its territory, so it does not run away when approached by people trying to kill them.

2) Trail Cameras – Trail cams take pictures when motion detectors sense movement in front of them. These cameras have been known to capture pictures of Bigfoot and other cryptids.

3) Tree Stands – The hunters sit in a small, enclosed shelter made of wood and nylon. These shelters are usually eight to ten feet off the ground and provide a clear view of an animal’s trail so you can shoot it as it passes through. You must build this type of stand yourself and you would probably need another person with you because they can be hard to climb up into and may require someone to provide a security watch at the bottom while another hunter takes his or her turn ascending into the stand.

4) Scent Blocker – This useful device for hunting serves two purposes: first, it blocks your human scent from reaching animals such as deer; second, it blocks their sense of smell from detecting the human scent on you. Scent blockers come in many forms, including sprays, dirt, and clothes.

5) Hunting Rifles – A gun is useful for hunting large animals such as deer because they are powerful enough to kill the animal with one shot without wasting bullets. Guns are better than bows because it is easy to aim correctly on an animal that has stopped moving or has been shot by another hunter who’s still using the target practice stand on your property.

6) Maps – One useful device for hunting includes maps of different parts of wilderness so you can find where certain types of game live and hunt there often, removing them from their natural habitat so people don’t have to work hard to get food.

7) Binoculars – Binoculars are useful devices for hunting because they can help you see great distances, especially useful when looking for deer.

8) Decoys – A decoy is a useful device for hunting by luring animals in because it mimics the animal’s natural habitat so it goes to investigate without running away. Deer decoys are useful because they look like a real deer standing still with no signs of being fake. They have even fooled bears!

9) Flashlight – Hunting at night is something many people prefer to do so they don’t scare their prey off before time, but one useful device for hunting during the day includes a flashlight that emits ultraviolet light. This light helps hunters find the urine trails animals leave behind when marking their territory or the trails that they use to travel from one place to another. The light makes these useful devices for hunting easier to spot.

10) Game Camera – Game cameras are useful devices for hunting because they take pictures of animals without human interference or a person being there at all so a hunter knows exactly when and where an animal frequents the most so he or she can set up his hunting stand in that area.

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