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Killer Instinct Crossbow Reviews

The Killer Instinct Ripper 415 is an affordable crossbow that has one of the best power-to-weight ratios on the market today. In addition, this lightweight design makes it easy to carry around while still shooting up close targets at distances beyond 30 yards with pinpoint accuracy!

The motor in this product consistently puts out over 400 FPS which ensures you’ll never have trouble hitting your target even if they’re moving or just barely visible to its fast reload speeds.

The Killer Instinct Crossbows Ripper 415 is a well-balanced crossbow used for hunting and target shooting. It features an easy pull handle, making aiming fast and deadly accurate at any moment’s notice!

Killer Instinct Crossbows Ripper 415 Crossbow Kit: Who’s It For?

The Killer Instinct Crossbows Ripper Xbow is an excellent choice for people who are new to shooting bows. The crossbow has an efficient design with ports towards its front, making aiming easier since you can see where your arrows will go before releasing them! In addition, it comes complete with power level indicator lights on each side of the rail. So no matter what model or distance range setting suits best, there’ll never be any confusion about how much force should be used at whatever point during the draw cycle it may occur – this might save someone’s life.

The 3.5-pound trigger of this serious weapon has the power to take down any big game with ease, thanks in part due to its custom rubber shock absorbers and fully amendable stock/ forearm grip combination!

Killer Instinct Crossbow Reviews Key Features: What We Loved?


When handling the Killer Instinct 415 Ripper Xbows, the weight isn’t an issue. With only 6 pounds of force required for shooting this crossbow and its powerful shots that can easily penetrate 3 feet into wood or concrete – you’ll be able to hunt anything your heart desires! Whether beginner or pro-hunter, there are no worries about being unable to handle these bows, thanks in large part because they’re well within our recommended range at under 7lbs per hand (or 12 ounces total). For anyone looking for power without difficulty controlling their shot trajectory, look no further than a straightforward question: Yes!?

Draw Weight:

The Ripper 415 Xbow has a maximum draw weight of 200 pounds. This might not be the easiest to handle for beginners, but it’s furnished with the rope-coiling device that halves down your required effort when using it on an Arrow. If you’re still unable or unwilling at 100 lbs, we suggest getting KI Series Crank Cocker which works perfectly well with our model here!


The Killer Instinct 415 Ripper Xbow is the perfect bow for any archer who wants to go fast. It features an adjustable buttstock and forearm grip that offer comfort and custom rubber shock absorbers to reduce noise when shooting this speedy equipment at the range or close quarters. In addition, the string silencers help you remain stealthy by dampening sound output even more so than other types of arrows available on the market today – all while keeping your kill noiseless!

However, what sets it apart is its intuitive design elements like easy-to squeeze 3.5 lb trigger with significant pull weight adjustments offered upfront, allowing users unfamiliarity ease in adjusting their draw length settings without having to look down between shots due to potential confusion.


The Ripper 415 Xbow is an innovative bow with a sleek, rugged aluminum flight rail that comes in at just 17.25″ when uncompressed and 35 inches long with arrows fitted to it – these are compact dimensions for use; indoors or outdoors! With our breakthrough design of CNC-machined rise designed specifically around sub 1/4 inch accuracy out to 80 yards+. This lightweight weapon packs quite the punch due to its 14+ pound draw weight which only gets easier as you increase your distances from 40 feet away from all way up until 200+.

The Hawke XB30 PRO 1-5×24 SR is a more precise optics package that complements the Ripper415. With no markings on their reticles, they are not spot on at 10-yard increments but instead have corresponding marks from one up to five yards apart and downrange – an excellent addition for bowhunters searching in close quarters!

Arrow Sizes: Used On The Ripper 415

With the 20 inch arrows, you can easily use your Ripper to take down the game up close and personal. With three premium carbon bolts included in this kit for a total of 6 shots per second at 50 yards or less while still delivering impressive results with 0-degree straightness – these make great partner bows!

The Killer Instinct Crossbows Pro Carbon Bolts are made from high-grade materials that will provide hours upon end without any problems. In addition, they have supreme balance, so even if shooting through thick bushes isn’t possible, there won’t be much harm done thanks to their solid construction.”


  • Speed: 415 FPS
  • Adjustable: forearm grip
  • Extreme accuracy
  • 3.5-pound trigger
  • Lightweight
  • Lean profile


  • Power stroke: 15-inch, which took hard when coked
  • Reticles: not marked & not spot on at 10 yards increment


How Do I Make My Killer Instinct Crossbow Silent?

Killer instinct has the answer for you! The Dead Silence Crank is a lightweight, easy-to-use crank system that provides ultra-quick and silent cocking operation. With its soft rubber over-mold handle, it will be sure not only to give years of satisfaction but also allow your crossbow to whisper in comparison with other products on today’s marketplace.

How To Assemble the Killer Instinct Xbow?

The bow assembles by slotting it into its stock and pressure pad, then tightening a retainer screw. Make sure you don’t over-tighten this step! Before installing strings on either side of your weapon for shooting purposes (blue tab), make sure they fit snugly in slots near the trigger guard. Then check the handle grip area with green tabs facing outwards while holding a cocking lever at the front end. If necessary, the safety latch engages properly when entirely pulled back towards the hand after releasing spring tension using a designated notch just under the hooked part closest to our fingers when ready to fire.


The Ripper 415 is an excellent crossbow under $400 that exceeds other models within its price range. It has an overall rating of 9/10 on Amazon, meaning it’s among the best in this category! The kinetic energy retention rate makes hunting with less expensive ammo more effective – over 450 FPS for those who shoot fast and loose without caring too much about the accuracy or distance shots. In addition, a burst function allows you to fire two consecutive bolts at once. While still being able your single shot capabilities from time to time, be careful not to get cocky about taking down the game quickly enough because they can always dodge one attack then come right back.

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