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Deer Hunting Tips and Tricks for a Quick Kill

Deer hunting with a crossbow has its perks and difficulties too. But with a lot of skill and practice, you can get the hang of it. People choose a crossbow, especially for deer hunting, to be cool and stuff. So being aware of everything when it comes to deer hunting with a crossbow is extremely important for a hunter, a newbie, or a professional. 

You should have command on how to properly shoot by using a crossbow so that you could kill the dear without suffering badly. For that purpose, you need to know the anatomical positions where you can shoot to get it all right in no time. 

Ideal positions to shoot a deer in the most humane way possible

Lungs or heart region

The heart and lung area of a deer have relatively a larger surface area, and it also has the essential blood vessels that, if disturbed, can kill the deer instantly. The site is broad and can be targeted easily. Even if your aim is not that accurate, you can still take a shot at the deer and bring it down. The shot at the specific region will cause a volumetric hemorrhage inside the deer, cutting the oxygen supply to the brain and major organs. Once you have shot the heart or the area being discussed, there are very few chances of recovering an animal like deer. If you are a newbie, this area should be your go-to area where you will target. It does not require extra or high-end shooting and aiming skills, perfect for a beginner. Just do not go for the lungs first and then the heart as it can retrieve the deer back on its feet, and chances will be that you would have to see a wounded deer running away. Also, in some cases, this kind of shot can cause a long and painful death that is not ethical; therefore should be avoided as much as possible.

High shoulder region

One of the best and cruelty-free zones is the shoulder zone. The high shoulder of a deer is almost positioned near the spine. Shooting at that position would cause your game to drop dead within a matter of time. The shot will be close to the part of the nervous system, this will cause damage to the spine, and the whole nervous system will collapse. Paralyze the dear as the spinal cord controls the peripheral parts; shooting there will make it immobile. 

To take a clear shot, as the area is relatively smaller than the one discussed above, you must be very accurate and quick so that the deer do not run away or change its position. For that purpose, you would need a high-speed crossbow.

One aftermath of shooting at the high shoulder of a deer is that if you need it for its meat, it will damage the core due to the bolts of your crossbow near the area you have shot.

The highest part of the Brain

Crossbow shot to the brain of any animal would be lethal. A deer’s head is almost 4 to 6 inches long, so you need to aim the highest part of the brain of a deer to bring it down. In addition, the brain controls all bodily functions. Therefore, it will cause a quick death of your target. Another advantage is that the meat will not be damaged if you kill by shooting the brain area.

Aiming at the head can be very tricky, too, as its surface area is the issue. You need an immense amount of practice and development skills to ensure that you can shoot properly. 

In case of missing the target and hitting the low region of the brain, that would be the jaw area of the deer anatomically which will cause a very long and painful death as it might get up and run away with a bolt stuck in its jaws.

Neck region

A shot at the neck region can cause the instant death of the deer. The neck is significant to its survival as it contains all the vital components like the spinal cord and blood vessels. If the spinal cord is damaged, the whole body and nervous system will collapse, causing a deer’s sudden and not-so-del painful death. 

It is a very critical spot. It would help if you had pinpoint precision and a quick shot at it. Just hit it carefully and on point to not have to go for another try.


Deer hunting can be tricky, but you can get it done smoothly through proper practice and concentration. Just try to make it quick for the deer and yourself by taking the right shot at the correct region. 

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