Irish Setter Men’s 4883 Rutmaster Hunting Boots Review

Irish Setter Men’s Rutmaster 2.0 is one of the best rubber hunting boots that are excessively used by deer hunters usually. It is equipped with advanced technologies that make them stand out! It offers excellent traction, fit, and a scent-free experience to you. The unique ExoFlex enhancement is the Irish Setter’s exclusive to make your feet easy while putting on and taking the boots off. The Vulcanized rubber exterior is tough, durable, and 100% waterproof. The overall construction offers endurance and confidence in the wild.

Irish Setter Men’s 4883 Rutmaster Hunting Boots Review

Ready for any hunt, the Irish Setter Men’s 4883 Rutmaster 2.0 17″ 800-Gram Rubber Boot features a waterproof design that will keep your feet comfortable and dry no matter what the conditions are like out there! Footwear made with neoprene/rubber can’t get beat when it comes to protection from winter weather. This waterproofing will make sure you stay warm all day long! Add in Primaloft insulation inside to create warmth or an RPM midsole and outsole for extra comfort on those tough hikes, these boots have got everything needed for hunting success.

Irish Setter Men's Rutmaster 800G Boot, Camo, 8 E US
  • Rubber and neoprene waterproofing
  • Side gusset
  • Primaloft insulation
  • RPM midsole and outsole

Quick features:

  • ScentBan Technology: The Company’s exclusive technology kills the odor-causing bacteria inside the boots keeping your feet clean and fresh. The ScentBan is added not only to the linings of the footbed but also to the calf area.
  • ExoFlex Technology: This unique feature allows the boots to expand from behind let the feet get inside. Once your foot is in it contracts back for a locked-in fit. It fits the toe area and locks the heel for security and support. The exterior is not stiff as rock therefore it flexes as you walk. It helps you at every step. It bends when you do so. For long distances these boots are perfect.
  • UltraDry Waterproofing System: The sweat build-up can cause discomfort therefore it should be evaporated from time to time. The UltraDry Waterproofing System makes it easier and faster for sweat or water to dry. The exterior of the boots are 100% waterproof and it dries in seconds. Walking on wet terrains or even if your feet are submerged in water can do no harm due to the exclusive UltraDry technology. The injected nylon shank protects you from the wild and its hazards.
  • Vulcanized rubber with 800G Primaloft Insulation: The unique low-bulk construction traps the body heat even if it is compressed. It keeps the insulation warm and dry. The vulcanized rubber with 3.5mm neoprene combines to give you ultra-comfort and waterproofing. The 800G Primaloft Insulation makes the feet warm and dry. The footbed is removable and is made with polyurethane for added comfort and support to your instep area.
  • RPM Composite Technology: RPM Composite material reduces the weight significantly without compromising the comfort or durability of the boots. It ensures incredible comfort and does not weigh you down as you walk. The Mud Claw RPM-ΙΙ outsoles shed the mud or other objects below as you walk and provide greater traction on multi-surface terrains.


  • ExoFlex Tech for snug-fitting
  • The vulcanized waterproof rubber exterior
  • Dries quickly
  • Scent-free experience
  • Does not weigh you down


  • The back of the boots rips/splits with time and use

The Irish Setter Men’s Rutmaster 8″ Hunting Boots is for those who are into serious hunting or have ventured into hunting. The boots come with 500 grams of Thinsulate Insulation which will keep your feet warm plus they are water-resistant.

The seams are sealed for waterproofing, the soles are Vibram® outsoles made from heavy-duty rubber. Your ankles are also protected because this is a steel toe boot. There is no need to worry about midsole cracking because it has an elastomer cushion in its heel and forefoot area that makes it flexible enough for you to walk comfortably. With almost perfect ratings on Amazon, customers were saying that this boot is very comfortable right out of the box, they liked the side zip and they felt that this boot is built for comfort.

But some customers found a bit of a problem with the lacing system. Some said that its loops were too sharp on the edges which made it uncomfortable at times to pull up through them. They would have preferred if those loops were smoother on the edges, but overall the laces are strong and durable enough to stand wear and tear most especially if you need to lace up quickly in tight situations when hunting or hiking.

The boots also have an oil-resistant rubber outsole which gives you better traction no matter what surface you walk on whether it is wet or dry areas. The leather is 100% waterproof so there won’t be any leaks inside your boots when it’s raining outside. Your feet will stay nice and dry in Irish Setter boots.

The upper portion of the boot is made from full-grain leather which can be easily wiped off after getting wet or dirty, you don’t have to worry about cleaning this because it cleans up nicely according to customers who bought and used this product before.

Another feature in these boots that hunters liked is its comfort foam insole which gives them great cushioning, they were very much happy with that because they didn’t feel pain anymore in their legs whenever they finished hunting for the day. Some even mentioned it has arch support too!

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