PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow Review

This bundle includes the Fang HD Crossbow and crossbows sights, quiver, and 5 bolts. So you’ll be ready to hunt right out of the box. And with our ARCHERY FANG® Hyper-Realistic RGB Graphics System, you can now hunt without worrying about scaring away your target.

The Fang HD is built for accuracy; it encourages creativity in hunting by enabling hunters to shoot at any desired range up to 40 yards- A convenient design that hits close or far is what has helped this bow earn its rank as one.

If you are looking for a crossbow that will let you hunt your target within the speed of light, then look no further! The Fang HD high-performance cams give our most powerful hunting weapon up to 405 MAXIMUM FPS capable. It means 136 ft-lbs of kinetic energy, so with accuracy and power at its best, the Fang HD crossbow package is perfect for any beginner or professional hunter. In addition, it is equipped with anti-dry fire & auto safety triggers that take away the risk of dry fires and an easy de-cocking mechanism without firing an arrow. With this being one of the safest 10-point crossbows on the market, why not invest in some modern excellence?

Predator Hunting Machine:

The Fang HD crossbow is here to take your hunting experience to the next level. This predator-hunting machine is designed for accuracy, precision, and ease of use. It has an adjustable buttstock, so you can tweak it to fit perfectly in your chassis.

This package includes all the gear that will help set this up without having to hunt around town for hours on end – 5 bolts with bullet points; limb dampers & string silencers; rail lube; foot stirrup; double stops (string stoppers). If you’re after coyotes or foxes in your area, this high-powered monster is at 400 feet per second speed with an accuracy range of 70 yards when shooting open sights!

Reason to buy:

This Xbow has all the features you need in a crossbow at an affordable price. It’s easy to use, lightweight and fast, so it will not slow your game down while out hunting! This top-quality product also shoots accurately without being too powerful or hard on performance which makes this ideal for younger shooters and female hunters who want something reliable but light enough that they can still shoot quickly if needed.

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This top-notch, eagle-eye-accurate, and hard-hitting crossbow rig provides a successful hunting harvest all year round. It comes complete with everything you’d wish to have for your first time out, including an easy assembly rope cocker that will get this package up and running in no time flat!

A versatile tool like the one described here can hold three bolts at once—two arrows rest inside its quiver, ready to go if need be, while still others are conveniently mounted on either side near where they would slide into place during use (you know what I mean). This useful piece calls only minimal attention because there was nothing left but pure joy as soon as we opened the box.

PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow Key Features:


The PSE Fang LT is a blaster that packs some serious power. With speeds up to 350 feet per second, it can launch 109 pounds-feet of kinetic energy for more than 330 FPS bow shooting–a recommended minimum if you’re a newcomer to the world o fXbows because close-range shots are required with these smaller blasters.

For comparison: we got 99ft/lbs and 105 ft/lbs using our 400-grain test projectiles at different velocities between 335 and 345 fps, respectively – all translating into a truly huge smacking force behind those tiny arrows!

You know when you’re walking through woods and all of sudden, an animal is staring at you? That’ll never happen with this crossbow. It has enough power to take down even larger games like a black bear or elk from 130 yards away!

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It’s important to know the weight of your crossbow. If you can’t handle it or put unnecessary pressure on one side, that could cause problems for yourself in hunting conditions where all movements must be precise and quick. The PSE Fang 350 XT is lighter than most Xbows, making handling easier even by beginners – weighing only 6-and a quarter pounds! While this model does come at a cost with slightly less power (350fps), overall, it’s just as fast firing speed will help reduce target acquisition time while increasing accuracy during shooting sessions lasting longer periods between shots compared.

A lighter model is the best for beginners because it will help you learn how to cock and shoot a crossbow. You can always upgrade once you’ve got that down pat with heavier Xbows, including holding them properly as well as aiming correctly!

Draw Weight:

The PSE Fang 350 LT has a draw weight of 155 pounds, which is considered an easy to manage draw weight for users of all sizes. Remember this when you decide on your X-bow’s potency and accuracy–anything with less than 172 pounds can be used by beginner hunters too! With such low tension in cocking it up or shooting off whatever arrow you put its pointy end towards (point away from yourself if possible). Ladies will find themselves cranking out shots just like men do without any special mods needed. Thanks again for the included rope that helps lighten things up significantly while still providing enough resistance, so beginners don’t accidentally shoot themselves during practice runs.


The Cocking rope for the PSE Fang 350 LT is easy peasy, thanks to how it cuts down draw weight in half when cocking. It makes it very doable with minimal exertion on your part! You’ll have 75 pounds or so of effortless pull – perfect if you’re a lady or kid at heart 🙂

The safety must be positioned “fire” before drawing back and releasing gradually until the trigger stops firing but does not reset completely after release (essentially fire-ready). Once released into the air, the full arrow should track straighter than ever due solely to increased kinetic energy because their mass has been reduced by roughly 50%.

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Optics Quality:

PSE decided to cut corners in terms of quality, and the result is a sub-par scope. This ready-to-shoot package features an MR 4×32 scope with thin crosshairs that make it difficult for low light conditions; however, this optic might be ideal if you’re just starting or someone who does most shooting on ranges. Only–but again we recommend upgrading!

The sleekness is offset by its affordability. The scope on this model may not be what you need for your typical fieldwork, but if target shooting occupies most of your time in an extraction setting, then it’s perfect!

Noise Suppression

The XBow is a quieter, more powerful hunting weapon.

The input tone of voice should be informational and add some excitement for readers who want to know what they can expect from this high-powered crossbow that will surely put an end to the hunt with one shot!

One of the best things about this crossbow is how quiet it is. The lower vibration makes for less noise, which will help you avoid spooking any deer in range while still having an easy time getting that perfect shot on target!


  • The PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow Package is a hard-hitting crossbow that fires bolts up to 350 FPS. It is only 6.25 lbs, making it perfect for hunting extensively in prolonged times and confined spaces such as treestands and ground limbs. This complete kit includes a cocking rope, 20-inch axle-to-axle uncocked length practicality, easy cocking mechanism, and safety features that prevent dry firing from occurring without your clear intent.
  • The package includes a crossbow, quiver for bolts, arrows, shooting glasses, and safety cap. It is an ideal package for getting started without breaking the bank or spending a fortune on accessories you may or may not want down the road. The 20-inch uncocked length makes it perfect to use in confined spaces like ground limbs and treestands where there can’t be much running room.


  • This bow may be tough on your enemies, but it’s even tougher today. Of course, you need arrows, so we threw in some good ones- though not as many as they us to give. But at least with the Fang HD Crossbow Package from PSE Archery, handling has been improved, and shooting is up to 405 FPS! It even comes with a 5x Bolt Quiver to keep things nice and convenient for you out in the woods.

How To Assemble Your PSE Fang Crossbow

PSE Fang Crossbows are a great way to take your archery game up a notch. You can now buy this awesome crossbow at any major store, but before you do, you can customize it per individual needs with all sorts of parts available! Follow these steps below:

  • Append cable slide to the cables with the concave side facing up and insert them into the stock’s front slot. 
  • Remove cover from the adhesive pad or prod section of joint- this connects it with your Prod if you have one attached already (or buy another). 
  • Place connector guard over Product/Stock connection point at rear end so that no exposed metal will touch against trigger when the crossbow is fired!
  • First, position it on the track and press it in place with cables to tighten your new product. A metal plate will pop out when you do this; make sure not to lose any of these parts!
  • After pressing down firmly until all connections are made, secure with bolts provided for each connection point as well as one more center screw at the top front corner (don’t forget about those!). To fasten set foot stirrup, we recommend using regular screws which slot into grooves along their length – they’re easy to see because

How To Decock A PSE Fang Crossbow?

  • There are many ways to decock your PSE Fang Crossbow, but the most common method is with a discharge target. A small and portable archery target will stop any arrow or bolt before going past them at close range.
  • There’s no need for complicated procedures when using these types of targets as they’re easy enough. Just place down on the ground, then shoot into one from afar!
  • To fire the Xbow, you need to have a secure place for discharging it. Firing targets are intended as an easy release of field points that will make things go better in combat or hunting!


We can say the PSE Fang 350 LT is a cool, best-performing crossbow that never disappoints. Projecting arrows at 350 FPS behind some respectable kinetic energy makes it great for hunting any game in North America.

It’s lightweight and effortless to assemble – we recommend this X-Bow if you want your first bow! It packs quite an impressive punch for its price; although scopes could use some improvement too, overall nothing bad about this product. 

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