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PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow

PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow Review

As someone who’s spent countless hours nestled in tree stands and tracking through brush, I understand the anticipation of awaiting that perfect shot. And when that moment comes, you need a crossbow that is not just reliable, but exceptional.

Today I am here to dissect the nuances of the PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow, a piece of equipment touted for revolutionizing the game, and share my experience in what you can expect from this high-velocity instrument.

PSE ARCHERY Fang HD Crossbow Review

Upgraded Bolts, Enhanced Performance

I want to dive straight into what sets the PSE ARCHERY Fang HD apart – the bolts. Following Nolan from Birkholder Archery’s overview and range test, I’m intrigued by the practical upgrade to a custom 20-inch bolt, down from the original 22 inches. At 420 grains, barely shy of the stock bolt’s weight, the subtler length nestled perfectly in the frame. It’s not just about the bolt’s aesthetics or even compatibility that impressed me; it’s the front of center (FOC) boost. Pushing from near 17% to a solid 20%, this increase in FOC potentially translates to more accuracy and better downrange impact. I can indeed agree with Nolan: the custom bolt configuration can make a noticeable difference.

In-Field Appraisal

A crossbow can’t just perform well on the range – it needs to deliver when it counts. I took this beauty out into the field, and the ease of maneuverability was immediately apparent. The Fang HD’s 20-inch bolts sit snug against the frame, allowing for more measured movements through dense foliage. But the proof, as they say, rests in the pudding, or, in this case, in the grouping.

True to Nolan’s word, my test groupings at 60 yards were tight, consistently flirting with the one-inch range. When the moment of truth arrived on a live hunt, the Fang HD didn’t disappoint. The precision it afforded was something that any hunter would appreciate.

Pros and Cons of the PSE ARCHERY Fang HD

Many aspects can be lauded about the PSE Fang HD, but let’s dissect this innovation critically.


  • Increased Speed and Precision: With its 400 fps prowess, the Fang HD is not pulling any punches in terms of sheer power. Coupled with the custom bolt modifications, this equates to strikingly accurate shots.
  • Better FOC: The shift towards a better FOC means your bolt stays true to its trajectory, even when conditions are less than ideal.
  • Ergonomic Design: The crossbow feels like a natural extension of yourself, neither too clumsy nor unbalanced as you line up that shot.
  • Ease of Movement: The shortened bolt design allows for better mobility in the field, an invaluable advantage when hunting in tight spaces.


  • Custom Bolt Need: To truly harness the full potential of the Fang HD, you’ll likely want to invest in the custom bolts which, while not exorbitantly priced, do add to the initial cost.
  • Learning Curve: If you’re transitioning from a traditional bow or an older crossbow model, the leap in speed and sensitivity may necessitate an adjustment period.

Through it all, I genuinely feel that PSE Fang HD’s pros far outweigh the cons, particularly for the dedicated hunter who values precision and effectiveness above all else.

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Enhancing Your Hunting Experience

Beyond the fine-tuning of bolts and the mechanical workings of the Fang HD, there’s the undeniable fact that this crossbow could profoundly enhance your hunting experience. Its ease of use allows you to focus more on the environment and less on the equipment.

This means more time appreciating the serenity of the outdoors and the communion with nature that we hunters so deeply cherish.

How To Assemble Your PSE Fang Crossbow

PSE Fang Crossbows are a great way to take your archery game up a notch. You can now buy this awesome crossbow at any major store, but before you do, you can customise it per individual needs with all sorts of parts available! Follow these steps below:

  • Append cable slides to the cables with the concave side facing up and insert them into the stock’s front slot. 
  • Remove cover from the adhesive pad or prod section of the joint- this connects it with your Prod if you have one attached already (or buy another). 
  • Place connector guard over Product/Stock connection point at rear end so that no exposed metal will touch against trigger when the crossbow is fired!
  • First, position it on the track and press it in place with cables to tighten your new product. A metal plate will pop out when you do this; make sure not to lose any of these parts!
  • After pressing down firmly until all connections are made, secure with bolts provided for each connection point as well as one more centre screw at the top front corner (don’t forget about those!). To fasten set foot stirrup, we recommend using regular screws which slot into grooves along their length – they’re easy to see because

How To Decock A PSE Fang Crossbow?

  • There are many ways to decock your PSE Fang Crossbow, but the most common method is with a discharge target. A small and portable archery target will stop any arrow or bolt before going past them at close range.
  • There’s no need for complicated procedures when using these types of targets as they’re easy enough. Just place down on the ground, then shoot into one from afar!
  • To fire the Xbow, you need to have a secure place for discharging it. Firing targets are intended as an easy release of field points that will make things go better in combat or hunting!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In a world where hunting technology constantly evolves, PSE ARCHERY’s Fang HD Crossbow stands out as a potent testament to innovation. After taking it through its paces, it’s clear why the Fang HD is making waves. Whether you’re after groupings that would make Robin Hood envious or a trustworthy ally in the wilderness, the Fang HD is a formidable choice. 

For those on the fence about upgrading or purchasing their first crossbow, I welcome you to visit for further details, or simply head to a local range and feel the difference for yourself. Once you release that first bolt and watch it slice through the air with an almost ethereal grace, I’m betting you’ll be sold.

I bet Nolan would agree with me when I say that in the PSE Fang HD, you’re not just getting a crossbow; you’re investing in an experience – one where you come for the precision and stay for the thrill.

Happy hunting, my friends.

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