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How to Nock an Arrow?

So it is important that you can master this technique. Arrows need to be placed in the bow and then shot. This means that your hand must quickly go from drawing back your string, to placing an arrow onto the string, and then releasing it. It’s a simple motion but one which takes practice if you want to do it smoothly. That’s why it is essential to learn how to nock an arrow properly when practicing with a bow and arrow. There are two methods of doing this; using a finger or using a mechanical release aid (like I use in my video clip). Either way will work, however which method you choose should come down to personal preference:

Note: there is no right or wrong method, but the correct way to nock an arrow is whichever is most comfortable for you.

One Finger Method:

When using this method simply place your index finger onto the string and push it up until it’s behind the arrow nock.

Two Finger Method:  

This is my preferred method of nocking arrows when I practice in my back garden (I use a mechanical release aid when practicing archery on a range). Place one finger from each hand onto the string; although if you’ve managed to master this technique with one finger, then stick with that instead!

3 Fingers Method:

Another popular choice for this technique is to place three fingers (pointer, middle and ring) onto the string. Again only place as many fingers on the string as you are comfortable with.

Take some practice shots using your chosen technique to see which one works best for you. When I first started practicing archery, my local club used the One Finger Method, however now they’ve changed to Two Fingers (and it feels really natural now). It’s up to you which method is most comfortable for you; whatever works best!

Once you have mastered nocking your arrow onto the bow-string, try making these movements without moving your feet (hand-to-hand/hand-to-arrow), this will help ensure that when shooting at a target; any movement of your front/back foot won’t affect the accuracy of where you hit. You may also find this technique useful if you are practicing at an archery range, or shooting on windy days.

How to nock an arrow?

Well that’s the tricky part! Hopefully, my article will help make this process a bit easier for you. This is of course only one of many techniques required when learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, but it is definitely one of the more important ones! So now that I’ve showed you how to nock an arrow, check out my next article which will teach you another vital element in mastering archery – drawing back the string!

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