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How to Hang a Bow and Arrow on the Wall?

It’s a challenging task to pick a bow according to your archery type. But you need to clarify which type of archery you want to start. You can also show your bow on the wall.

A bow and arrow is a beautiful piece of equipment, but it can be a bit hard to hang on the wall. Bows hang from tips so they don’t slip through the hook, but need an even distribution of weight around the tip. A heavy tip will cause serious damage to your wall as well as create problems with balance.

In addition, most bows have a forearm grip which adds more surface area to hang on the wall safely. To hang a bow any other way would cause severe stress along the entire limb since there is not enough support in one area for that kind of torque. Some hang them from their quiver, others hang them over a door using their arm guards or cases, and some even hang them by their handle.

The thing that is important is How to Hang a Bow and Arrow on the Wall??

Room Temperature:

It is an important thing to keep the room temperature normal. The room temperature should be neither too cold nor too hot. IF you have a moisture room temperature then you should not store your bow in the room for avoiding the rust on the metal parts of your bows.

It’s an easy task if you have one bow, but if you have several bows then it is a difficult task to manage much space in the house.

The Bow Cases:

Although you can make tour tasks easier by using the bow case and bow rack. If you want to save your arrows and bows then bow cases are the best way. The bow cases help to save your arrows and bows in the travel with full protection. It is the safest way because you are storing things for around $1000.

The Bow Racks:

The bow racks are the best thing if you want to show your bows or arrows. You can also use this for your home decoration.

Types of Hanging the Bows:

For compound bows, you can hang your bow on the wall without doing anything before. But for recurving archers it is best to unstring their string so that they do not damage or stretch out any of its parts and prolongs life span by avoiding consistent strain from being left hanging around all day long as this will result in obvious wear-and-tear over time which could cause breakage down below due mainly because strings twist when pulled upon constantly even though there’s no tension put onto them at once–leaving such an item strung up indefinitely has been proven dangerous (not only) if placed too high off ground.

There are two types of bows:

  1. Compound bows
  2. Recurve bows

There are different things for hanging your two types of bows. You can directly hang your compound bows on the wall. But for hanging the recurving bows you have to unstring your bow before hanging. These methods are the safest methods and help to extend the life of your archery and bows.

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If you are storing horizontal your old wood recurve bow, then there are many chances to lose some lbs. but if you have modern fibreglass recurve bow then you don’t need to unstring it before hanging because there are no chances of damage on that modern bows.

There are two ways of hanging the bows:

  1. Hanging the bows by a string
  2. Hanging the bows by one Limb.
  3. Hanging the compound bows by cam.

Hanging the bows by string:

Hanging your bows with the string is not a good idea. The hanging area will cause issues with the weight of the bows. If you want to store your bow for a long time then this method might create a weak point. But if you want to change your bows on a frequent basis then it’s your choice to hang your bows with string on not. It’s better to hang your bows with the frame because the frame has higher strength as compared to the string.

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Hanging the Recurve bows by one Limb:

It is a difficult and unsafe method to hang your recurve bows with one limb. If you are using this method, then it might twist the limb in long-term storage. Hanging your bow vertically is a bad thing. Vertical storage also looks bad as well. The limbs twisted and loaded differently. The vertical storage puts stress on the bottom part of the limb.

Hanging the compound bows by cam:

There are a lot of people who hang their bows with their cam. This method of hanging the bow is highly safe. Cams are made to take the external forces like vertical ones, they are not designed for structural parts. They are not durable for the horizontal and twisting forces.

Top 5 best Bow hangers:

Bike hooks:

Do you know how it’s always a pain to find the perfect spot for your bow? Well, bike hooks are here to save! They make hanging up those longbows or compound shots so much easier and more convenient. You can even go with rope if that suits you better – just make sure not to use any old metal hangers because they’re sharp enough already as is (plus who wants their Medals hung by some mean biker). These are the awesome bow hangers. IT helps to easily hang your bows on the wall. It can be used for hanging either by the limbs or string.

Guitar Hangers:

These are very durable and usable as a bow hanger for walls. Guitar hangers are also perfect for mounting your bow, as they can be pinned to the wall with ease and don’t require much space.

Rifle Rack:

These can be used for bows. These are strong for carrying a lot of pounds. One of the most popular uses for a rifle rack is to carry bows, and it can be done with relative ease. The metal bars on these hooks are strong enough that they will not break before carrying your entire bow collection around or even camping trips!

Deer Horn Hanger:

These are very helpful if you are bow hunger. How can you not be excited about deer horns? They’re the perfect accessory for anyone who likes to hunt or just has a lot of personalities.

Surf Board Wall Hanger:

These are the most expensive but it is most durable for those people who are more sensitive to their products. Surfboard hangers are the most expensive and durable solution for people who have more sensitive products.


It’s better to unstring your bow if you are not using it, while you are using a compound or traditional bow. One of the most common and dependable means of hanging a bow is by using a bow hanger. A bow hanger provides not only hang space for your arrow but ample support around the limb tips as well as extra hang space on either side of your riser to hang quivers or arm guards. Outdoor enthusiasts tend to hang their bows from tree branches, rafters or doorknobs; but if you live in an apartment or house with limited space, it’s best to invest in a good quality bow hanger and hang them on the wall. But where exactly on the wall do you hang these? There are many different styles of bow hangers: some extend outwards the wall, others have two.

Try to hang your bow by using its structural parts, such as the limbs. If you are using the limbs, make sure you are using both limbs.

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