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How to cut Carbon Arrows?

Not every archer has their bow and set of arrows. Some buy cheap carbon arrows to practice with, but how do you know how many you need? The first step is understanding how a bow works then we move to “How to cut Carbon Arrows?”

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Short Arrow:

If the arrow isn’t long enough to fully engage the riser on your bow, it won’t fire straight. If it’s too short, it will break as soon as it leaves the bow. Cut two inches off the bottom of a full-length arrow if this occurs.

Tips for How to cut Carbon Arrows?

  • Calculate how much 12-inch of an arrow you’ll need by dividing your draw length in half.
  • Then double that amount from where your string should rest when at full draw. You can also use a tape measure instead of a ruler by getting your arm length in inches. Start measuring from the center of your chest to the tip of your middle finger, and then multiply that by two.
  • You may have seen how professional archers make their arrows look perfect. but it’s easy once you know how to calculate how many are needed for each limb. For example, a 24-inch arrow four inches shorter than draw length will require three arrows per bow side. So, for example, if you’re shooting a 60-inch bow with a 29-inch arrow draw length, cut down six arrows three inches less than half that measurement or 18 inches.
  • If only one arrow is damaged or lost during flight, there may be no need to discard all of them. On the other hand, it might be best to start over if an entire set doesn’t seem accurate after cutting them down or switching out fletchings.
  • Use a sharp pair of scissors when cutting your arrows with the grain in mind.
  • Cut just below the nock and leave at least an inch for fletching.
  • Once they’ve been cut how you prefer, use hot glue or epoxy to attach any feathers or vanes you need on each arrow, so they fly straight through the air.

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