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HECS Stealthscreen Suit Review

HECStyle Camo Suit is the revolution in the world of hunting accessories! It is specifically engineered for making your hunting games even more effective and safe. You will find out the wonders it has to offer in this HECS Hunting 3-Piece HECStyle Camo Suit review. Animals have innate abilities just like humans, but obviously, these abilities differ in many ways. One of the innate ability that they possess is very handy to them as it saves them from predators and it is vital for their survival. There are light-detecting proteins in the eyes of animals called cryptochromes that act as magnetic field sensors. Some animals can detect the forms of energies that our naked eye cannot see or sense, like magnetic and electrical fields. Researchers say that humans emit electromagnetic fields when they are breathing, or moving their muscles. These field lines can be sensed by animals. It makes them alert of the danger and they escape to save their lives. To avoid this obstruction while hunting we need something that can make us undetectable to these animals. And HECSyle Camo Suit is your answer!

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Quality Features of HECS Stealthscreen Suit Review:

Super Functional Hunting suit:

HECS Hunting HECStyle Suit is the modified version that inhibits the outclass technology and many features that give you terrific confidence. It is super lightweight and breathable. It dries quickly saving you from annoying rainwater or if you encounter some showers of water from elsewhere. The camo suit is extremely comfortable and suitable even if you have to wear it all day. The highly functional construction never holds you back out in the wild.

The HECStyle 3-piece camouflage suit comes with a super comfortable pullover shirt, sweatpants-style hunting pants, and a headcover with hemmed eye-hole and adjustable drawstrings. The shirt or pants can be bought separately as well. It can be washed in a washing machine.

HECS Stealthscreen Technology:

The material of the fabric used to engineer this suit is 86 % polyester and 14 % yarn grid. The HECS suit reviews technology uses a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid woven directly into the fabric. The HECS Stealthscreen technology makes your hunting game pretty exceptional as with this technology you can go nearer to your game without even spooking them.

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Improved Hunting Technology:

The Improved Hunting Technology of the hecs hunting suit review makes the best field blocking suits on the market. They just only make design it just like that; instead, they research the science of animals and their behaviours and abilities to sense and perceive the patterns that we cannot see or sense.

Amazing Exterior and Cutting Edge Performance:

It can be worn as an undergarment or as outerwear. Both ways it does it work commendably. The suit covers your body and your face properly so that maximum concealing can be achieved. It is insulted but it is pretty warm and can be worn in any weather conditions. It is suitable for long hunting days; it can bear the harsh weather conditions too. The camo design makes you fade away in the woods. The internal drawstrings are pretty comfortable and adjustable.

Who would have thought that a simple garment can change the whole game in a matter of time!

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Why do you should buy this product?

Hunting comes with its challenges, there are many things that you cannot control and then there are some things that are in your hand. You play like a skilful hunter and then the game is all yours! A good hunter will not only depend upon his skills and instincts but also focuses on how his game works or behaves. Animals are tricky yet they have a set of instinctive behaviours or learned behaviours that they tend to show when they think they are being chased or are in danger. They can get alert pretty fast and behaves in a way to save themselves. Survival instinct is the reason animals even humans are alive today.

As we mentioned earlier that animals have their own set of biological gears that they tend to employ whenever the need arises. To disguise them we need to choose things that we carry or wear intellectually. The human body produces an electromagnetic field when their heart is racing when they are breathing and even when they move their muscles quickly. Although this field is invisible to humans as they cannot see in that range. But the animals can sense this energy even from a distance. This can spook them and they would run for their life.

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HECS suits prevent this electromagnetic field from being sensed by the animals. It acts as a Faraday’s Cage that blocks these waves through the Conductive mesh embedded in the fabric. The waves are grounded due to this mesh. The conductive mesh is like a filter that does not let the waves pass through it so that it remains unseen. The company has engineered it in a way that it masks almost all of the waves that our body emits.

Although you will not completely vanish, it saves you much trouble. You just have to make lesser quick movements and tread lightly. The animals will just perceive you as an odd shape and not as a threat or danger. One suit can make hunting way easier! Does it not? Therefore you should pick this camo suit as it helps you a great deal when you are out in the wild.


  • Dries quickly
  • Sustainable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Allows you to get near your game
  • Does not alert the game


  • Runs a size smaller
  • Does not have scent blocking feature

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Conclusion of HECS Hunting 3-Piece HECStyle Camo Suit:

Effective hunting requires smart solutions. Therefore you need gears that are super-efficient and handy. HECS camo suit is not just a suit but a complete range of features that are needed when one is out in the wild. Disguising the animals is very necessary yet tricky. They can get alert with noise, smell, or movement even. To overcome that you need this heavily engineered suit. It blocks almost all of the electromagnetic waves that your body emits. It is super lightweight and does not have any downsides to it. Blocking the waves is one thing, and its main focus. But you have to watch your steps and make no noise to hunt effectively. The fabric is made with conductive mesh that miraculously blocks the field and prevents the animals from sensing or perceiving you.

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FAQs of HECS Hunting 3-piece camo suit:

do hecs suits work?

Yes!, It’s kind of like a prism, giving you invisible ears. We wear them because they make us better at hunting and that is why we always have one in our possession when out on any hunt!

Can this suit interfere with the phone’s reception?

It does not interfere with your phone’s reception. You can easily use your phone and hunting apps while wearing it.

Does it have a belt loop and pockets?

There are no belt loops but it has a drawstring, a fly, and pockets.

Can you wash hecs hunting suit in a machine?

It can be washed in a washing machine but you should hang it for drying. And it will be as good as new after several washes.

Is this hecs camo suit insulated?

It is not insulted as it is very thin but it can be worn in all weather conditions. You can wear it as an undergarment or as outerwear. So you will have options for layering some warm clothes along with this suit.

Is there any difference between deer and turkey suits?

Deer and turkey suits are made with HECS conductive carbon fiber grid woven into base layer fabric. They are equally effective for hunting.

How do you decide the size?

The sizes run small so you should get one size bigger than your actual size.

What is the material of this suit?

It is 86 percent polyester and 14 percent yarn grid. Conductive carbon mesh is embedded in the fabric that does all the blocking!

Is it unisex?

It is a hunting suit and it can be worn by everyone. As long as your priority is blocking your electromagnetic field, you are good to go.

Does it block the scent/odors too?

No, it does not block the bodily scents or odors as it is not equipped with scent-blocking features. You need to get a scent cancellation device along with this suit if you also want to block the scent along with the electromagnetic waves.

Is it harmful to use this suit?

The suit uses the conductive mesh that grounds the waves as you move, so it is not harmful. You can wear it without any fear.

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