Binocular Magnification 8X vs 10X, which one is better?

Binocular lenses provide you with a detailed and clear view of distant objects. Binoculars come with different objective sizes and magnifications. You can choose a binocular based on the purpose you will use it for and your preferences. 

When you are about to choose a binocular for yourself, the main thing that you should check is its magnification. Binoculars come with various magnification ranges. Mostly binoculars of the ranges 8X and 10X are ideal for hunting and birdwatching. For viewing the stars and exploring the celestial objects, a binocular with 12X magnification works better. For concerts and other stuff magnification range of 7X is appropriate.

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What exactly is the magnification?

Binoculars are simply two telescopes linked together to give you a synchronized view. They provide you with an up-close and more detailed view of things that are far apart. The object image that you are trying to view gets bigger/magnified.

The magnification power of the binoculars depends upon the kind of binoculars you are referring to. It is the number before the X, while the objective lens diameter is the number after the X. So if there is a 10X42mm Binocular, then 10 would be its magnification, and 442mm would the diameter of the objective lens that is used in the binocular.

The Best Binocular Magnification:

The best binocular magnification depends upon the following things:

  • For what purpose are you going to use it?
  • Your priorities and requirements.

Binoculars with greater magnification seem to be very attractive, but it is a myth that the binoculars with higher magnification would be the ideal ones. You should never choose the higher magnification binocular just like that, or else you would have on your hands a binocular that is not well suited for the purpose for which you were going to use it. 

Different binocular magnifications are ideal for various tasks. So prioritize your tasks and then look for the one that suits you.

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Best Binocular magnification for hunting

A good binocular is required for a better hunting experience. Hunting requires all of your attention and focus. To view the distant prey and lock it before it moves is tricky and cannot be done without an excellent and precise pair of binoculars. For hunting in a forest or somewhere where space is constricted, you will need the one with almost 8X magnification. While for broad and open terrains, you would need a 10X elaboration binocular for a better chance at a perfect shot. 

Magnification and field of view are the two primary things to consider in your binoculars if your purpose is hunting. Too much higher magnification means will decrease your field of view, and because of that, the image steadiness is also compromised. 

Best Binocular magnification for birdwatching

Watching exotic birds and being as attentive as you can so that they do get spooked is the real deal with birdwatching. To view them clearly and also not disturbing them requires a stable and a binocular of not so higher magnification. As we have discussed before, the higher the elaboration of the binocular, the lesser field of view you will get, plus the image stability gets compromised. So we don’t want that to happen when we are carefully watching some birds. 

The ideal range of magnification for this purpose is somewhere between 8X to 10X, as they are going to give you a clearer and stable image. 

Field of view is also another main thing when birdwatching, as the birds fly from time to time; therefore, the binocular should also give you a more significant or broader field of view. 

Higher Magnification = Narrow Field of View + Unstable Image

Thus it would help if you went for 8X magnification as it is going to give you a brighter and clearer image with broader coverage. 

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Best Binocular magnification for stargazing/astronomy

You have to concentrate and hold the binoculars when looking at the celestial objects. Most astronomers use a telescope for stargazing and stuff, but binoculars are easy to handle, give synchronized view to both eyes, and you can take it anywhere in no time. 

Usually, 8X or 10X both are ideal for stargazing; they give you the perfect perceptual details that you need. Lower magnification ranges give you a wider field of view so that you can look at the dreamy sky without any hurdle.

Best binocular magnification for sports

Higher Magnification = Narrow Field of View + Unstable Image

Keeping the above equation in mind, you need a binocular with relatively low magnification to get a wider field of view because sports complexes are wide, and you need to watch every movement. For that purpose, 7X to 10X magnification is ideal. 

For musical events and stuff, you should go for magnification between 5X to 7X. 

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