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Best Holographic Sight

Holographic sights, also known as holographic diffraction sights, are weapon sights that work on a system of laser and mirrors to project the image of a reticle. The laser beam makes the reticle appear as if it is floating in front of the optic. The hologram makes targeting easy and fast. While a red dot sight works with a Light Emitting Diode (LED) projecting a dot through a lens, the lens reflects the image of the dot towards the shooter’s eye. The system used in red dot sights is less complex than the one used in the holographic sights.

Red dot sights and holographic sights are used to sight the target with their illuminated dot/reticle accurately. But there is a difference in technology and system used in both the sights, although they have the same purpose.

Red dot sights vs. Holographic sights

Red dot sights are non-magnifying reflectors; therefore, the shooters do not have to worry about the parallax shifts. In addition, the unlimited eye relief that they offer is ideal for weapons with heavy recoils.

Red dot sight reticles tend to get fuzzy around the edges, which can cause problems in precision. But, at the same time, the holographic sight reticles remain sharp and clear all along.

Holographic sights do not require the front glass to project the reticle image; therefore, even if the glass is compromised somehow, it will still reflect the reticle image as delicate and crisp. Thus, in the most extreme conditions, holographic sights are going to work just fine. 

Holographic sights give out sharper and clearer reticle images even at longer distances, making target acquisition even faster. 

Holographic sights are more on an expensive side than the red dot sights.

Holographic sights project the image of the reticle using a laser beam, and lasers require more power. Therefore the battery life of the holographic sights is relatively lesser than that of the red dot sights.

The holographic sights’ hologram appears on the target that helps the eye make a single focal plane to shoot with both eyes open. While with the red dots user’s eyes have to pick a focal point.

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Holographic sights are relatively heavier than the red dot sights as they require larger housings and have an internal holographic structure.

Followings are some of the most efficient red dots and holographic sights:

Best Holographic Sight

To find out the suitable camera/camcorder for filming the hunts, there are some products shortlisted below:

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight , Black

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight , Black

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HOLOSUN HS510C 2 MOA Dot Or A 65 MOA Ring Open Reflex Circle Dot Solar Power Holographic Red Dot Sight

HOLOSUN HS510C 2 MOA Dot Or A 65 MOA Ring Open Reflex Circle Dot Solar Power Holographic Red Dot Sight

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Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight 2 MOA with Mount - 200174

Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight 2 MOA with Mount - 200174

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Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight

Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight

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EOTECH 552.A65 Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTECH 552.A65 Holographic Weapon Sight

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EOTECH EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight, Matte Black, Dimensions: 3.8

EOTECH EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight, Matte Black, Dimensions: 3.8" x 2.9" x 2.2"

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EOTECH HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight - EXPS2-2 with G33 Magnifier

EOTECH HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight - EXPS2-2 with G33 Magnifier

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EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

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EOTECH XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTECH XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight

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EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

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Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight

61jwT +7CNL. AC SL1000

Sightmark engineers world-class optics for the passionate hunters, shooters, both beginners, and professionals. They make the shooting crystal clear and accurate, no matter what the pursuit is, with their firearm optics. The precise range provides tons of confidence to the shooter and also polishes their skills as a shooter. In addition, all of their products have night vision technology so that the dark does not become an obstacle for the shooters.


65-MOA Circle-Dot Reticle:

Sightmark provides the most cost-effective firearm optics loaded with features like night vision (IR mode) mode and a red 65-MOA circle-dot reticle (illuminated) with 10 different brightness settings (out of which are 6-night vision modes). In addition, the users can choose from a variety of brightness options that helps with the lighting conditions of the area.

Parallax Corrected Dual-Pane Glass:

The Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight offers parallax correction up to 10 yards with an exceptional amount of eye relief too. A parallax corrected dual-pane glass inside the sight allows the shooters to sight accurately even over the 100-yard tactical range. It provides 105 feet wide field of view at 100 yards which is phenomenal. If you prefer shooting at mid-range with 1x magnification, then this sight will serve you good!

Other accessories:

The Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight comes with a neoprene cover for protection, adjustment tools to mount the sight accurately, a CR123A battery along with 2 extra energizer CR123As, a light junction battery case, and a user manual for more precise instructions that are very essential in case things go wrong.

Interlock Internal Locking Adjustment System:

The Interlock, an internal locking adjustment system, ensures that the sight remains zeroed during the recoil for better and effective shots ready at any minute. Moreover, the slotted windage range of 120 MOA and elevation adjustment system helps in getting and locking the target quickly and precisely.

Extended Battery Life:

A single CR123A battery that comes with the Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sights provides you up to 2,000 hours of battery life! Extended battery life is the dream of every marksman/hunter as the show can go for a very long time sometimes. 

Locking Quick Detach Mount:

The Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight is designed solely for Picatinny mount rails. The quick detach mount provides effective and quick attachment to the Picatinny mount rails.  

Maximum Protection:

The sight has a shockproof frame that can bear up to .50 caliber recoil and IP68 waterproof, which means that it is fully submersible up to 40 feet. In addition, the anti-reflective and scratch-resistant lens coating protects against dust and other unfavorable elements. For added protection, the sight comes with a neoprene cover as well.

Wide Angle Lens System:

Sightmark firearm optics is one of the most affordable and effective ones. Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight is equipped with a superior wide-angle lens system (with an objective dimension of 33x24mm) that provides maximum field of view and quick target acquisition. The anti-reflective red coating on the lens helps provide crystal clear vision no matter what the lighting conditions are. The sight works on an auto-sensing system to acquire the target more precisely and quickly. Although it provides maximum eye relief, the manufacturers recommend having at least 3-4 inches of eye relief for safety purposes.

Durable construction:

The sight is constructed of high-quality shock-proof and waterproof material that is super lightweight and has maximum environmental sealing, as mentioned before. In addition, the 6061-T6 aluminum hood and protective shield provide maximum durability to the sight and protect it against recoil or falls.

Intelligent controls:

The sight works on a motion-sensing system that turns it on or off based on the usage. The digital switch controls senses if it is being used or not and turns the sight off to save the battery life and vice versa.

Final thoughts

Is Sightmark a good brand? Sure, it is. The optics, brightness options, and hell many other features that it offers in its products are commendable. Also, the products are economical and work effectively.


  • Fast target acquisition
  • Affordable
  • Unlimited eye relief


  • It gets a little blurry at times

HOLOSUN HS510C Circle Dot

51Q6GYLn99L. AC SL1040

Holosun being Amazon’s choice in gunsights provides tons of top-notch features needed in any sight. In addition, the compact design and dimensions make the HS510C an effective and reliable gunsight. 


Solar Failsafe™: 

Holosun’s innovative ability to run the firearm optic on the power of light is a very thoughtful step. It provides tons of battery life and increases the frequency of operations. Even when the battery runs out, the users will still have enough power to run the sight effectively. The solar unit of the view also acts as a light-sensing system that automatically adjusts the brightness following its surroundings. The solar cells work under regular usage to provide power to the sight, and the backup battery fulfills the power requirements in low light conditions. 

Shake Awake™: 

Holosun HS510C is equipped with Shake Awake™ that automatically sense and operate the sight by detecting motion or vibration. It works within preprogrammed time range by the operator/user. If there is no motion detected within this range, the sight goes to sleep. And when it detects the motion, it automatically turns itself on and operates on the brightness that set before. This feature promotes the battery life of the sight.

Multiple Reticle System (M.R.S.):

The Multiple Reticle System provides flexibility as per the need and preference of the users; the sight is equipped with three reticle options that can adapt at a push of a button only. There is a 65 MOA circle with 2 MOA dot, a 2 MOA dot only, and a 65 MOA ring only to choose from. Moreover, there is no need to re-zero the sight when switching between the reticle options.

The reticle’s size also changes based on the distance between your eyes and the objective lens when the users are focusing on the target. 

Unlimited Field of View:

The HS510C has a streamlined design with minimum obstruction of vision and an open frame for a wide-sight picture. The target acquisition and preciseness enhance with its parallax-free optical design that provides an exceptional amount of eye relief. The 32x24mm open lens quickly plays its role and helps you to shoot your shots effectively!

Other important features:

The sight has a CNC machined with T6061-T6 housing for added toughness and durability. The titanium-alloyed and shock-resistant hood on the lens makes it tough enough to tolerate even the heaviest calibers. The sight is mountable to Picatinny and Weaver Rails and works on a quick-release mount system for smooth adjustment. It is waterproof and can be submersible for up to 1m. 


Holosun HS510C MOA Open Reflex Circle Red Dot Sight comes with three Lithium 3V coin CR2032 batteries that provide over 50,000 hours of operation (each) and a cleaning cloth to restore the shine of the lens. 

Final thoughts:

The Holosun is an exceptionally smart gunsight equipped with the features the marksmen or hunters crave. The solar cell and the high-capacity battery provide 5 years of battery life! That is way too much. The rugged yet compact design makes it stand out among the other sights. It is ideal for mounting on a gun and for hunting purposes too.


  • Dual power supplies
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Switchable circle/dots and red dots
  • Economical


  • Aren’t any!

Aimpoint ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight

51nf6bjfI9L. AC SL1280

Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) invented the first red dot optic back in 1975, which was huge. Now that the technology has evolved, ACO is engineering its top-notch firearm optics with modern technology and features that will blow your mind. ACO Red Dot Reflex Sight is a military-grade sight tube with rugged construction and phenomenal features. It includes the mount configured for the absolute co-witness with standard height sights (can be mounted at the same height as the iron sights).

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Military-grade 30mm High-strength Aluminum for shock-resistant:

A high-strength aluminum body with a hard-anodized surface treatment is used to protect the tube and glass inside. The material helps in making the sight durable enough to bear the recoils of the heaviest calibers. The toughness makes it useful in heavy shooting circumstances. The tube also has a flip cover for added protection against dust, scratches, and other elements. 

Extended Battery Life:

 DL1/3N battery that comes along with the sight has an operation time of over a year, which is less than the other sights but enough to get you through your shooting adventures.  

Environmental Sealing:

This sight is entirely waterproof and durable so that it does not hold you back in heavy rain or other unfavorable conditions. Therefore, challenging weather seems to be a negligible factor with this sight.

Unlimited Eye Relief:

Unlimited eye relief is vital for the shooters for comfort and better and precise target acquisition as well. With this sight, the users can focus even with both eyes open. The capped adjustment knobs provide a focused view of the target without much stress. Also, the sight is parallax-free, and it does not require re-zeroing after every shot.

30mm Central Tube:

The 30mm Central Tube made with the rugged aluminum body helps gather sufficient light to locate and acquire the target efficiently. 

39mm Wide Optical Aperture:

The sight is equipped with a 39mm optical aperture, which is wide enough for getting the target in the frame. Moreover, the glass does not let the bright and sharp sun rays distort your view. The lens is also coated with an anti-reflex material that eliminates the distortion and fuzziness and shows you the real world regardless of the natural or artificial lighting conditions.

2 MOA Red Dot for Fast Target Acquisition:

The 2 MOA aiming dot offers crystal clear target acquisition very quickly. In addition, the size of the red dot is ideal for short to mid-range targets as well as for long-range targets, so you don’t have to worry about precision anymore. 

9 Low Lights and Daylight Brightness Settings:

The sight has various options for brightness in different lighting conditions. The 9 low-light and daylight brightness options let you have a clear and vivid view regardless of the ambient light. The red dot remains visible no matter what the lighting conditions are at the moment of shooting. 


The sight has a TMP fixed height mount. It is also ideal for rifles and shotguns. It provides the optical range of 39mm above the mount/bore for an absolute co-witness standard with the carbine iron sights. 

Final thoughts:

ACO Red Dot Sight is the best red dot sight in terms of money and the loaded features. It covers all the aspects needed in a weapon sight which is why it is excessively used to sight worldwide.


  • Ready to mount and shoot
  • Extremely durable
  • Ideal red dot size
  • Exceptional optical access


  • Not compatible with NVDs (Night Vision Devices)

Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight

Vortex Optics has always manufactured superior products with maximum performance rate and fantastic quality. Vortex never compromises on their products, and the optics that they design are crystal clear and provide fast target acquisition to save up your time and energy. AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic sight is one of the best holographic sights with loaded features and rugged construction.


ArmorTek Coating:

The incredible toughness is specifically built to withstand significant recoils and impacts. The military-grade construction offers the military and law enforcement shooters and hunters confidence and accurate target acquisition to conquer every situation. Super tough and scratch-resistant ArmorTek coating protects the exterior lens from scratches, dirt, and other harmful agents. The O-ring seal is also there for protection against water, moisture, and fog. 

EBR-CQB Reticle: 

The AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic sight lets the users faster target acquisition under a wide range of circumstances and lighting conditions with its EBR-CQB reticle. There is a 1 MOA center dot that offers maximum precision while aiming, a CQB triangle that is ideal for close-quarters shots at 10 yards or less, along with a 65 MOA outer circle that have opened sections that help in minimizing the target obstruction (shows a clear point of impact at 10 yards or less). 


The AMG UH-1 Gen II uses a CR123A battery which is easy to change or replace. The battery provides hours of operation without getting exhausted. The sight automatically shuts off after 14 hours of inactivity. Users can disable this feature if they want their sight to be up and running at all times.

Integrated Quick-Release Mount:

AMG UH-1 Gen II holographic sight is equipped with an integrated quick-release mount that makes it super convenient to install/mount on Weaver or Picatinny rails. The optic remains at lower 1/3 co-witness height on either rail.

Windage and Elevation:

The windage and elevation are adjustable through the dials present on the sides with the help of a coin. One-click will change the point of impact by half MOA, shifting the crosshair 100 MOA in elevation and windage. One complete rotation of any of the dials changes the point of impact by approximately 16.5 MOA. If the dial shows resistance, it should not be turned more as it has reached its end. The sight allows the users to have a lower third co-witness that is standard with the iron sights.

Night-Vision Mode:

The UH-1 Gen II features 15 daylight illuminated settings and 4 separate night vision settings with their dedicated button. The users can adjust the illumination as per their preference. The sight remembers the last illumination setting so that it is easier for the users to switch between the modes without any hassle.

FHQ Technology:

This feature eliminates the extra amount of light emissions for the minimum forward signature. In addition, it provides absolute zero image distortion with an optimal range of light transmission through the XR Plus multicoated windows. 

Final thoughts:

Vortex Optics always engineers pitch-perfect products that never let you down in any case. The UH-1 Gen II has all the features and modifications that its predecessor didn’t have. So just grab it and experience the challenging and fast performance.


  • Dedicated night-vision button
  • Smooth and easy to set
  • Unobstructed view
  • Crystal clear optics


  • The reticle is visible through a night-vision unit in NV mode

EOTECH 552 Holographic Weapon Sight

51dP3S5UjfL. AC SL1200

EOTech 552 Holographic Weapon Sight is the most incredible and reliable sight you can ever get as it is battle-tested by the frontline American soldiers. It is compatible with both Picatinny and Weaver rail. This standard military sight will be rough and challenging in the field and will never fail to surprise you ever!


Multiple Brightness settings:

There are 20 daylight settings to let you focus and target more accurately, with 10 additional settings for compatible night vision devices. The illumination settings provide clarity and fast target acquisition even in complete darkness.


The holographic weapon sight is powered by two 1.5 V AA batteries and supports lithium, alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Each battery has its power range at a nominal setting of 12 at room temperature.

Environmental sealing:

The sight is waterproof and submersible up to 33 feet, and the internal optics are sealed with fog-proof and anti-glare material to avoid distortion in sighting. In addition, every component of the sight is shock/impact resistant to save it from recoils and falls. Also, the sight can withstand extreme temperatures, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

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Parallax-free clear shots:

Eotech 552 Holographic Weapon Sight is equipped with optics that provide parallax-free transmission to get a clear shot with maximum accuracy. It also offers 1x magnification for additional precision while locking the target.


The EOTech 552 Holographic Weapon Sight has a tiny 1 MOA aiming dot in the center of a 65 MOA ring with four-quadrant ticks at cardinal points for better leveling. As a result, the reticle picks up the target faster at close and long ranges.

Pinpoint precision and situational awareness:

The 1 MOA dot is way too precise and locks the target in seconds, and it does not expand with the magnification (the target gets magnified, not the aiming dot). So you can aim with both eyes open for maximum situational awareness, which is highly required when you are out in the field. The top field of view and eye relief makes this sight the best holographic sight so far. 

Final thoughts:

EOTech 552 is precisely engineered to fulfill the strict demands of precision shooters. The technology used in the product is phenomenal and ideal for the circumstances that are to come.


  • Maximum weather sealing
  • Night Vision compatible
  • Quick-detach lever
  • Easy installation and removal


  • Aren’t any!

EOTECH EXPS2-0GRN Holographic Weapon Sight

516Yp2X7U2L. AC SL1200

EOTech constructed this weapon sight to make things better for the shooters who face problems aiming through a red reticle. The green reticle technology used in this holographic weapon sight makes it stand out as it offers unlimited and unrestricted target acquisition in bright light.


Green-Reticle Technology:

EOTech EXPS-0 Green Holographic Weapon sight is equipped with green-reticle technology ideal in bright sunlight to locate the target without any fuss. The green reticle is 5 times easier to see than a red one in bright daylight. If you have astigmatism and have some shooting to do in bright sunlight, then a green reticle is ideal for you! 

A 1 MOA dot with a 68 MOA ring in green helps overcome all of your sighting issues in the bright lighting conditions and makes the target acquisition even more precise plus quick. 


The HWS just takes up 2.75 inches of rail space which is perfect if you want to add a magnifier or other compatible units. The operation buttons are on the sides for smooth adjustment. 

Multiple illumination settings:

The EXPS2-0 GRN holographic weapon sight offers 20 brightness settings that can use in any lighting condition. In addition, an Auto-adjusting system helps in keeping the illumination settings and the sight centered all the time.

Tough exterior:

EOTech EXPS-0 Green Holographic Weapon Sight is constructed with world-class material that is rock-solid enough to meet the challenging demands of the users. The exterior is shatter-resistant and keeps the optics safe from recoiling and other impacts. It can withstand the most hostile conditions pretty smoothly. The body is water-resistant and can be submersible up to 10 feet. 

Optical performance:

The sight is equipped with a 20mm objective lens that offers 1x magnification and unlimited eye relief. The field of view that it provides is 90′ at 100 yards. And the optics are coated with anti-reflective material along with a shatter-resistant laminate.

Battery life:

The sight uses a CR123 lithium battery that provides over 600 continuous hours at a nominal 12 at room temperature. Battery life varies with the hours and conditions of the operation. The auto battery check indicator helps the users to be aware of the battery percentage all along. There are two options for auto shut-off that the users can choose from to preserve the battery life. Besides that, the reticle intensity remains the same no matter what the battery percentage is. 

 Final thoughts:

This product is terrifically loaded with features that precision shooters require most frequently. The features that it offers are money spent well! It is an investment that is going to be at your side for a very long time.


  • Integrated Quick-release Picatinny and Weaver rail mount
  • Internally fog-resistant
  • Military-grade construction 
  • Compact and ergonomic design


  • A bit expensive

EOTECH HHS Green Holographic Hybrid Sight – EXPS2-0GRN with G33 Magnifier

51elB86ECtL. AC SL1200

EOTech EXPS2-0GRN with G33 Magnifier with a green reticle promotes the optical performance and lets you aim quickly than ever. The Switch-to-Side (STS) mount is there for smooth and convenient mounting of 3X magnifier locks the target at every distance within the range. 


Green-Reticle technology:

The green-reticle technology used in this sight makes it 6x more accessible to see during daytime operation than the red dot/reticle.

G33 Magnifier and Switch-to-Side mount:

The switch-to-side mount helps in the quick disengagement of the G33 magnifier when the users do not feel like using it. As a result, the magnifier offers quick transitions between close quarters to medium-range targets, although it targets at every distance in range. With the magnifier, speed and target precision increase even more for immediate and long-range targets. The sight can be mounted on Weaver or Picatinny rails.

Multiple Brightness Settings: 

There are 20 brightness settings that you can choose from for adjusting to the lighting conditions at hand.

Water resistance:

EXPS2-0GRN with G33 Magnifier is made with rugged material 100% waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet (3m).


The EXPS2-0GRN with G33 Magnifier offers 3X magnification along with 2.2″ (55.8mm) eye relief. 30 yards field of view at 100 yards is phenomenal and makes you even more precise in your target acquisition. The anti-glare and shatter-resistant lens coating makes the sight invulnerable to the recoils and impacts. There is an O-ring tethered cap to keep the unpleasant material away from obstructing the view. 


The sight runs on two 1.5 V AA batteries, also supports CR123, alkaline or rechargeable. The battery powers the sight up to 600 hours at an optimal setting of 12. It also provides 8 hours automatic shutdown to ensure the battery is not being drained for no reason.

Final thoughts:

EOTech HHS Green Holographic Hybrid Sight with G33 magnifier is ideal for hunting and tactical missions where the target is on the move. The green reticle, along with the magnifier, makes it way too more accessible and fast to lock the target precisely. In addition, the construction makes it challenging and suitable to withstand harsh environments.


  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Best auto-video stabilization
  • Ideal for long-range hunting


  • No night vision compatibility

EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

610gtsUb47L. AC SL1500

EOTech XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight is the most compact and lightest holographic weapon sight so far. It is explicitly made to fulfill the challenging demands of precision shooters and hunters. The American Military tests the toughness, and the lightning-fast target acquisition is one of the most incredible features of this holographic weapon sight. Additionally, it is compatible with the Weaver and Picatinny rails. 


20 Adjustable brightness settings:

To get the right amount of illumination in any lighting condition, the holographic weapon sight offers 20 brightness settings to choose from. Thus, it allows versatility in lighting that is suitable for your eyes and the situation around you. 

Battery Life:

The XPS2 HWS runs on a single CR123 battery that provides over 1,000 continuous hours at a nominal setting of 12 at room temperature. 

Water resistance:

The body of the HWS is made with waterproof material that can be submersible up to 10 feet (3m).


This compact yet sturdy holographic weapon sight leaves room for other compatible units like magnifiers or rear iron sights. In addition, the lightweight and smaller size make it much more valuable and versatile. 


The optics are shatter-resistant and layered with an anti-glare coating. Due to the clear glass window, the users can aim with both eyes open, enhancing their situational awareness. Furthermore, the unlimited eye relief makes it easier for the users to hold the sight anywhere near their visions for the reticle to be clear and noticeable. Also, it is parallax-free, so the users can position their heads wherever they feel like behind the sight without getting the center dot distorted. 

XPS2 HWS is specifically designed for quick, close target engagement in the range of 100 yards. This is because the outer circle picks up the target pretty quickly, and the 1 MOA aiming dot only covers one inch of the target when the range is 100 yards which is another convenient feature. 

Final thoughts:

EOTech XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight has been the best holographic weapon sight ever due to its compactness and rugged performance worldwide. Although it can be a little expensive, it is a good investment if you want to acquire targets faster and effectively.


  • Fast target acquisition
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal size and weight


  • Not compatible with night vision devices

EOTECH XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight

61wDcQ5iwJL. AC SL1500

The XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight features two 1 MOA aiming dots with a 68 MOA outer circle. This incredible weapon sight has these 2 aiming dots for both subsonic and supersonic rounds. It is super compact as well to leave enough rail space for other compatible units to be mounted. 


2-Dot Reticle System:

XPS2-300 Blackout Holographic Weapon Sight features a 2-dot reticle system designed for both supersonic and subsonic rounds. The first dot represents the 50 yards at subsonic and 100 yards at supersonic. At the same time, the second one represents 150 yards at subsonic and 300 yards at supersonic. 

Environmental sealing:

The exterior of the XPS2-300 is made of military-grade tough and lightweight aluminum that is water and fog-resistant.


The holographic weapon sight runs on a CR123 battery that provides 600 hours of operation. It has built-in auto-shutdown options to prevent battery drainage. The sight powers off after 8 or 4 hours of constant inactivity as per the settings options users choose.


The sight has mounts that are compatible with both Weaver and Picatinny rails. Moreover, the compactness of the sight also leaves plenty of room for other units like a magnifier or rear iron sights.


  • Two illuminated 1MOA dots for extra precision
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Pinpoint accuracy


  • Not compatible with night vision devices

EOTech Model 512

61gqC0PirgL. AC SL1500

EOTECH is known for developing the first holographic sights. There is no doubt that this brand has revolutionized the game of aiming, and it still holds its ground in the field of holographic weapon sights. In the world, EOTECH 512.A65 is the fastest and most precise holographic weapon sight system available. In fact, the military is using it! Thus, you should not doubt its abilities when it comes to the wonders it can perform. As compared to red dot sights, holographic sights are much more sophisticated and precise in acquiring targets. The rifle is specially designed for close-range targets, and it is most accurate for up to 200 yards. The exterior of the EOTECH 512.A65 is simply breathtaking and provides a better view of the field. The user can keep all eyes open, which enhances situational awareness. It can be operated with both eyes open, which is extremely helpful for shooters!

It’s not just their most affordable model that makes the Model 512 EOTech’s most popular holo sight. You can adjust the brightness of the camera from dawn to dusk with 20 daylight settings. The model 512 may appear overkill for shotgun hunting, but it is a valuable tool for turkey hunting when accurate shooting is vital. Moreover, it has a camouflage pattern that helps you hide when calling in spring gobblers. 

As a tactical option, the 512 makes a great choice as well. Regardless of how light it is, it holds zero like there’s no tomorrow, and it has a battery life that can last for up to 1000 hours. 

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This is a fairly simple model compared to some others in EOTech’s lineup. Nevertheless, it may be the best value and best for AR-15s or other tactical rifles.



With EOTech’s long history in the industry, its holographic weapon sights remain among the best available today. You can effectively control the field due to its square and elongated body and square lenses. You do not have to close an eye to see through holographic sight, which increases situational awareness. As well as your target, you can also see the field.

Target Acquisition:

This sight combines a unique reticle pattern with MOA accuracy to promise fast target acquisition. An EOTech holographic weapon sight has a reticle that has an outer ring of 68 MOA and a center dot of 1 MOA. This outstanding reticle allows the shooter to lock on to their target quickly.  A 100-yard circle corresponds to 68”.

Battery Life:

Holographic sights are more sophisticated than red dot sights, therefore they consume more battery life. The EOTECH 512.A65 is powered by two 1.5V AA batteries and does not support lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries. The battery capacity of lithium is 2500 hours straight at optimal settings. At optimal settings, an alkaline battery can last 2200 hours.

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Brightness Settings:

Dawn-to-dusk hunting has 20 Brightness settings. Depending on your lighting conditions and needs, you can customize the brightness. Many hunting games take place at night or during periods of low light, so red dots and holographic sights have night vision capabilities.  

Final thoughts:

EOTECH holographic weapon sight is specially constructed and engineered for your rugged demands out in the wild. The lightning-fast target acquisition is the most reliable and precise. This holographic sight works well in harsh conditions and is best for tactical, recreational, and personal defense as well. Even for competitive shooting, it will not disappoint you. The featuring buttons can be accessed easily for both right- and left-handed shooters. This product is the answer to your precise aiming problem and it will never hold you back while you are out there!


  • 20 brightness settings
  • Water-Resistant
  • Fast target acquisition
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Clear and bright optics


  • Non-compatible night vision
  • Relatively low battery life

Buyer’s Guide

Budget: The weapon sights come in a range of prices. You should decide based on your preference and the features you require. Some weapon sights are loaded with the features and are budget-friendly, while others are not. So you should choose after doing some thorough research.

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Purpose of usage: Many law enforcement personnel, hunters, and precision shooters go for weapon sights to make the target acquisition more precise and faster. All of them have their purpose and requirement; therefore, they would choose the features they require in a weapon sight. Some shooters need a sight that will work well in bright daylight, and some would want to have one that works well at night. The sights have several uses depending upon the situation and ambient light.

External lighting conditions: Adjusting the sighting devices with the ambient light condition is extremely important; therefore, the sights come with numerous brightness settings. Some of the sights need another unit for night vision compatibility, while others have a built-in vision. Stray light can affect the target acquisition and precision as it interferes with the position and view of the reticle. 

Magnification and field of view: Many weapon sights have magnification options inside them, and some are compatible with magnifiers for this purpose. Magnification, although it makes the target more significant, the reticle size remains the same.

The field of view should be large enough to acquire the target and have an appropriate level of situational awareness.

Night Vision Compatibility: The weapon sights should have a night mode to shoot in the dark and low-light conditions. The reticle should be illuminated and visible at all times, especially at night. Many precision shooters have to shoot in the dark as well as the show never stops. Therefore, many weapon sights have night modes, and the others are compatible with night vision devices/units for enhancing the illumination of the reticle in the dark.

Reticle size and color: The ideal reticle size is 1 MOA as it is easier to aim with than the other dimensions. Aiming the dot helps focus on the target better and more precisely and is directly related to the size of the dot. Therefore, the shorter the length will be, the more will be the precision in target acquisition.

Construction: The weapon sights have to withstand significant impact and recoils as weapon sights after all. So for that purpose, the structure of the weapon sights should be tough enough to handle all of the recoiling that it is going to face. Many weapon sights are made with rugged material like high-grade aluminum or steel to ensure the safety of the internal components. Weapon sights are also laminated or coated with impact and shatter-resistant covering all over their optics for added protection. Shooting can be frequent sometimes, so the weapon sight should be durable enough to face the challenge. 


Both red dot sights and holographic sights have their advantages and exceptional features. EOTech weapon sights have been reviewed, and they have some fantastic features that will help you give you confidence in every challenging situation. EOTech also has the most lightweight and compact sights compatible with other devices and leaves enough rail space. Of course, choosing a weapon sight depends upon your preference and requirements in the field, so you should be the judge of which sight you are going to take home!

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What is a parallax shift?

The apparent movement of the reticle over the target image when the user/shooter moves their head or eyes while seeing through the sight.

What is a parallax error?

Parallax error arises when the reticle does not stay aligned with the shooter’s optical axis.

What does parallax-free mean?

The weapon sight is parallax-free if the movement of the shooter’s head or eyes does not affect the reticle’s position on the target aimed.

Which size is better for a reticle 1 or 2 MOA?

The 1 MOA reticles are better than the 2 MOA as it is more effective to aim with them. The shorter the size will be, the more will be the precision in target acquisition.

Which reticle works fine in bright sunlight?

The green illuminated reticle is 5 times more likely to be seen clearly in bright sunlight than the red one. So if the lighting conditions are your concern, then go for the green one.

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